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  2. Hi can anyone tell me if the rebound spring mentioned here should be removed after grinding down the first notch "rebound notch" on the hammer? I performed the mod but left all springs in and it works fine. If so which spring was referred to as the rebound spring on the parts list? thanks!
  3. Would like to acquire a Buffalo Classic or target rifle.
  4. Kili I'm curious as to how you have utilized the firing pin block actuator plate in such a way as to make your gsg522 fire at a much faster rate 

  5. Great info here I've done all these mods as well as the mag mods both for feeding and capacity the most effective mod so far was trimming the firing pin return spring 4 or 5 coils or until the striking portion of the firing pin recedes into the bolt flush and not so deeply recessed that it's almost not visible. It's a shame that Killi left I am very curios as to what he/she ment by the safety plate having an additional use that can't be discussed here... Ş />/>>>>>>>
  6. Hello Everyone, I just purchased a 416 22LR and I would like to install a ambi safety, first off, does any body make one, if so where. Thanks kenner
  7. Good day. I am a retired guy living in Kentucky. I have a small (60 yard) range in the back of the property that for safety reasons I only shoot rimfire ammo. I currently own more than 20 rimfire rifles and pistols, and am always looking for more
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