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  3. i know this is a very old thread but has anyone tried something like this? I have a mp15-22 sport that i have had for a few years and wanting to put a suppressor on it but it does not have a threaded barrel. Where would be the best place to purchase a threaded barrel for it? Thanks
  4. I am an outdoor sportsman. Thanks to allow me join this forum. Hope we will had a great conversion of oudtoor sports here. From: San Francisco.
  5. Hey, I am from USA. Glad to join this forum. I am an outdoor sportsman who love hunting & camping. Hope we will had a great conversion here. When is deer hunting in season in south carolina
  6. I haven't been able to find a place to buy an S&W MP 15-22 barrel.
  7. https://s3.amazonaws.com/mgm-content/sites/armslist/uploads/posts/2020/12/29/12934286_06_pre_owned_smith_wesson_m_p15_2_640.jpg where can I find this barrel
  8. Hello guys. New to the forum. I attempted to remove of my bolt springs last night after i completed the hammer strut mod and after when i tried to close the bolt there was now not enough force to strip a fresh round out of the magazine?? What did i do wrong? I put the spring back in to run 2 and it stripped a round out just fine. What am i missing on the whole removing one bolt spring mod? Thanks!
  9. it is not curing. Let sit up longer
  10. Changing stocks from pistol to collisible should ok what’s BTAF thinking
  11. That's a great-looking rifle. Is this for a competition league? Like steel silhouettes?
  12. GNAP20

    Savage B22 FV-SR

    Two days after I got the Christensen Arms Ranger 22, I got a call from my LGS and went and picked up my new Savage B22 FV-SR. A 22LR bolt action rifle, with a composite stock and a short 16.25” bull barrel. Again I set this up for the 50/100 ft indoor/outdoor league, with iron sights.
  13. Recently I bought a Christensen Arms Ranger 22, a 22LR bolt action rifle with a carbon fiber stock and carbon fiber wrapped barrel. I have it set up with iron sights as I shoot in a 50/100 ft indoor/outdoor league. Reading all of the info on the web about issues with the rifle, my has been perfect. The bolt was stiff in the beginning, the more I shoot the smoother it is getting, the bolt does need to be run with a firm hand and some vigor. I’m very happy with it. The league required ammo is CCI HP mini-mags. We shoot these distances, so we can shoot all winter long, indoors, at my age trudging through knee deep snow to shoot, is not high on my list.
  14. Since it's a tap and see method, you'll need to keep zero'ing and tapping until you get it on point.
  15. My new 10/22 hits 2-1/2 inches to the left at 50 yds. The instruction manual says to" tap the sight base in the direction you wish to move the point of bullet impact". But it doesn't say how much to move the sight base. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  16. 002Andres


    Hi there! New here from NJ
  17. Mine is completely stock. Are you asking because you have an issue, or just curious whether to get one?
  18. Does any have a rare breed trigger in their S&W M&P 15-22. If so are ypu having any problem with it firing
  19. Agreed, seems to me to be a largely inferior line of products.
  20. The only thing about them I don't like is the safety.
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