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  2. Just got a 1956 Supermatic and would like to replace the barrel...
  3. Thanks. I did get the dedicated .22 upper from Bear Creek Arsenal and put it on my burnt bronze 80% lower. It works great but it’s best to use coated bullets since some of the uncoated ones had a little trouble loading. Also, bolt locks back after last round but will close when mag is dropped so watch your fingers. I’d upload a pic but the attachment option below says ‘Loading….’ and won’t respond.
  4. Welcome sir, thanks for making your way from 308AR, another excellent board.
  5. i have been looking to purchase ammo at good prices, i went at:ammoavailability.comthey are worldwide certified FFL dealer.They sell all possible ammunitions available , some ammo in stock include:6mm creedmoore, 6.5 prc, 5.56, 9mm,45ACP etc all brands available.you can check out this product below:https://ammoavailability.com/product/buy-hornady-precision-hunter-6mm-creedmoor-103-grain-ammo/
  6. Hello. I'm in central OK and I came to this forum from the 308AR forum. I'm not a big gun person but enjoy doing 80% builds. I've built an AR-15 and an LR-308. I'm thinking my next one will be an 80% AR-15 lower with a dedicated .22 upper. I originally thought about the CMMG conversion but since my AR-15 has a gas piston system, that's out. I have bought .22 ammo for years but I don't have any gun that shoots them. I've always thought about a Ruger 10-22 but never pulled the trigger on that. I've pretty much decided on the dedicated upper but was wondering what, if any, differences there are in the AR-15 lower parts kit to use the dedicated upper. Thank you.
  7. NickWade


    I need holsters for my handgun. Who makes the best leather holsters near Fallon.
  8. What style gun holsters were used in walker texas ranger.
  9. I want to upgrade my Marlin 336 rifle with a m lok handguard, checked some sites offering it at good price. Want to go with ranger point store. What do you guys think? https://rangerpointstore.com/marlin-mlok-aluminum-handguard
  10. Hi all..........looking for a Beretta Model 89 22lr......anyone?
  11. We never did hear back from anyone who has tried this item out.
  12. i know this is a very old thread but has anyone tried something like this? I have a mp15-22 sport that i have had for a few years and wanting to put a suppressor on it but it does not have a threaded barrel. Where would be the best place to purchase a threaded barrel for it? Thanks
  13. I am an outdoor sportsman. Thanks to allow me join this forum. Hope we will had a great conversion of oudtoor sports here. From: San Francisco.
  14. Hey, I am from USA. Glad to join this forum. I am an outdoor sportsman who love hunting & camping. Hope we will had a great conversion here. When is deer hunting in season in south carolina
  15. I haven't been able to find a place to buy an S&W MP 15-22 barrel.
  16. https://s3.amazonaws.com/mgm-content/sites/armslist/uploads/posts/2020/12/29/12934286_06_pre_owned_smith_wesson_m_p15_2_640.jpg where can I find this barrel
  17. Hello guys. New to the forum. I attempted to remove of my bolt springs last night after i completed the hammer strut mod and after when i tried to close the bolt there was now not enough force to strip a fresh round out of the magazine?? What did i do wrong? I put the spring back in to run 2 and it stripped a round out just fine. What am i missing on the whole removing one bolt spring mod? Thanks!
  18. it is not curing. Let sit up longer
  19. Changing stocks from pistol to collisible should ok what’s BTAF thinking
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