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  1. Just an update, I sold the GSG-5 as I liked the AK47 better. I have around 1500 rounds and no issues, a couple FTF but more a fault of me loading the magazine than anything else. Its great, I shot it today. :)
  2. I was at Manchester Firing line yesterday and a guy next to me was shooting the GSG-5 and he said he loved it. I didn't shoot it but got to check it out up close. I read that its only being sold until Jan 31st and then that is it due to the HK lawsuit. I read a bunch of reviews on the GSG-5 and the GSG AK-47 and everyone seems to like them a lot. I went to my local gun store and they had both in stock, I couldn't decide what I wanted so I bought both. :grin: They said nobody has returned any or heard of any issues with them. Went to the range tonight and ran 150 CCI Mini Mags through each gun, I had 1 fail to fire in the GSG-5 near the end which I think was the ammo and not the gun. They both worked great, zero issues out of the box and they are both fun as hell to shoot! They are different and they shoot different, I like the AK47 better. The magazine is bigger and was easier and quicker for me to load ammo, the action is on the right side (I'm right handed) and easy to cycle and I like the sights better. I bought a case so I can bring both with me and I will probably continue to do that. I'm going to put another 150 rounds of mini mags through each one and then see if they can deal with bulk ammo. The AK47 requires HV to cycle the action, I dunno about the GSG-5 I haven't read the book yet. Also, the sights are off on the GSG-5, I need to figure out how to adjust them. The AK47 is right on (Although I'm a new shooter so at least I think they are). :P This is the 1st ~40 or so through the AK47 at 25. This is the 1st ~40 or so through the GSG-5 at 25, you can see why I think the sights are off. It shoots good groups, just not where I was pointing. >:D I'll probably end up putting a scope on the GSG-5 and mess with it, the AK47 is great just as it is. I plan to shoot the hell out of these, gonna see if my buddy wants to split a case of 5000. :-)
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