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  1. You will need a barrel vise and a torch they have some serious loctite on them. Place it in the vice heat the break and twist it off. If you don't use a barrel vice your in danger of damaging the aluminum reciever.
  2. my next .22 is going to be a Savage mk2 trr-sr bolt gun.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAn2UFXSsgw
  4. mods stock grip full length top rail bipod optics cantilevered riser flip up rear peep so far... flash hider is factory. I have done the paper work and paid the tax stamp for a .22cal suppressor (Advanced Armament Element) but it's probably still about 3 months out.
  5. I managed 3/4" groups at 50yds after a quick zero I know the rifle can do better but I have only run 35rds through it as I have been working out of town and seems every time I manage to get home it decides to rain ALL weekend.
  6. it's Magpul P.R.S. you will have to replace the m4 tube with an a2 buffer tube you can pick up the A2 at Brownells for $15.00 or so
  7. Thanks rodent.22, the colt m16 wont work either as it has no tube at all my local dealer disassembled one for me so I opted for the ruger sr22 instead but i really like the m16 spr and brownells has an awsome but expensive stock with a built in folding monopod and adjustable cheek peace so I may still pick one up.
  8. I am confused rightofwayman you are the owner of ironeagletactical and have stated that fact on this very forum so why would you say I have checked out your stuff and I am interested but the attempt at deception no matter how slight is unwelcome , unprofessional and sets doubt in my mind as to whether or not I will be treated honestly and fairly in a buissiness transaction with you.
  9. If you've fired enough rounds through a rifle with a red dot then you've noticed that you must keep the dot centered in the tube for consistant grouping. You must also maintain a consistant cheek weld. I myself don't cowitness my iron sights actually I ignore the front sight altogether and simply look through the rear apeture at the dot this forces me to center the dot and repeat my cheek weld without thinking about it. I shoot with both eyes open and while I can aquire a target slightly faster with a dot only I produce more accurate shots using the rear apeture with minimal lag in target aquisition.
  10. @Techmike, That's strange because I recently installed the unit myself with great results. Before I averaged 1" - 1 1/4" groups @50yds now most of my groups can be hidden by a nickel. Maybe it's an inconsistency in there machining process. Sorry about your bad experience maybe you could contact them tell them your problem and have it replaced. Improved accuracy is one of there product descriptions after all. I myself couldn't just suck up a $70.00 loss without some serious bitch'n at anyrate.
  11. Just wanted to show off my new rifle.
  12. Thanks, shoots great with nitceably noticeably tighter groups at 50yds than with factory muzzle device. I just installed the compensator today. I'm going to make a range card out to 200 yds tommorrow.
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