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  1. The end cap i purchase will go on but the screws wont go all the way through. Is there some kinda special screw set you need with this thing. i don't think so but i thought i would ask. you should be able to use the srcews it came with right.
  2. i thought the one on the link i posted looked sturdy you gotta custom order it though... all i care about is sturdyness and not price
  3. would an the other one work... it was under the MP5 category so would it work for the GSG5?
  4. Alright all you girls scouts out there here is a question. i am looking for sturdy trirail system made out of metal and i think i found one. here is the link. http://www.steelcityarmory.com/review/product/list/id/82/category/81/ will this fit on my gsg 5 mp5 22?
  5. hey if you could post a video on youtube explaining what you did that would be much appreciated thanks.
  6. to me that is good but i consider accuracy more important. which one has greater accuracy
  7. guys which one do you think is better and why? The MP5 or the M16?
  8. the mp5 has a shorter barrel(16.25 in) and the m16 has a 21in barrel
  9. Dahhh!!! i need a quick decision... which do you guys think is better the GSG-5 MP5 or the Colt M16. The MP5 i think would be more unique to have but M16 would be cheaper. Post your thoughts.
  10. i don't think i was specific enough. i meant one of these ruger 10/22 http://www.impactguns.com/store/media/ruger/ruger_1022rb.jpg the ones that have the standard 22 cal scope mount
  11. Guys is it possible to get a picatinny rail for a ruger 10/22.... i want to use some scopes that i would use for an M4 but the ruger 10/22 doesn't come with picatinny rails it only comes with regular scope mounts.
  12. does any body know how the krinker plinker shoots?
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