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  1. Hello everyone: I got an email from Bud's about a sale they were having on the Puma 1911 -22. I am not sure if the Puma has the best reputation, but Bud's is selling them for $200, so I figured that I would pass the information along, just in case. Joe. This is the text of their email: We noticed a big run today on customer purchases of the PUMA 1911-22 22LR 5 " Blue with Checkered Wood Grips for only $199 DELIVERED. Our current DELIVERED price on this gun is actually less than standard dealer cost of over $200 ! These are factory new guns with new gun warranty, not reconditioned or "blems". Unlike other lightweight 1911-22's selling for well over $300....this Puma is constructed of alloy and steel parts and features similar weight and handling characteristics of the original 1911. The two piece wooden grip panels are interchangeable with standard 1911 grips. Sights are standard G.I. and are also interchangeable with standard 1911 sights. This standard model, configured to the original G.I. specifications, is a great choice for target shooting and general plinking. It has a 5 inch barrel with 6 grooves and a rate of twist of 1-16" and weighs 32 ounces. It is designed for .22 long rifle cartridges with a magazine capacity of 10 rounds (1 10rd magazine included) . Each pistol is factory tested for reliability and accuracy with groups of .75 to 1.5 inches achievable at 25. This is a great entry level gun, but it could also be used as an economical target practice gun for more experienced shooters....costing less than many 22lr conversion kits at only $199 ! Whatever your needs, we hope you can take advantage of this Buds Deal Alert ! Team Buds -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This email has been sent to you because you have opened an account on BudsGunShop.com and have chosen to receive emails from us. If you wish to opt out of future emails or feel you received this email in error please click HERE to be removed from our list. After logging into your account uncheck the "Newsletter Box" and click "Continue". Please Allow up to 24 Hours for Changes to take Effect.
  2. I took out the new Neo out today. Brought the CZ 82's out I recently bought for $199 each and the Ruger 22-45 too. I decided to shoot the CZ 82's. Great guns. Not a lot of recoil and nice and solid. Recommend you get a couple before they are all gone. Got mine from Weiders Reloading. (I am unsure of spelling of that name.) You get two mags and a nice leather holster. Ammo is inexpensive too. 50 round box for $10.00. Then, I got out the Neo. Built in the US. The gun is nice and heavy. The grip is a soft plastic/rubber material. The grip is rounded, unlike a 1911. How about shooting 100 rounds without one malfunction? This is right out of the box without oiling first. The sight pattern is really something. The gun has this massive rail on the top of the barrel. You feel like you are taking aim over the deck of an aircraft carrier. It us really nice. I could see where some could saynit was top heavy. I forget what length barrel I got, but ut was not the shortest and not the longest if I recall. You could probably get the shortest barrel and have a little less of the top heavy feeling. I might just do that as this gun is like a Ruger or Buckmark where you might just want to collect a couple different variations. It cones with two magazines and the mags alone are worth buying it for. Why? These clips actually have a large button that you can push down on to compress the spring in the magazine. All the other mags ruin your thumb when you load. These mags will allow you to run some rounds through the gun without your thumb or fingers going numb. Conclusion. Probably the best bargain out there if you just want to get out and shoot and have fun. They do look different, but that is because the gun was designed by Italians who like things to to look like they were "designed.". It really is a stylish little weapon. I could see this gun being a favorite of anyone who just likes to throw rounds down range toward cans or other inanimate objects. The way the gun comes apart us really cool. I recommend the gun as a weapon that will give its owner a lot of fun for the money. Shooting the Ruger 22-45 was every bit as much fun. That gun has a nice balanced feel to it and fits well in your hand. Very smooth shooter. The triggers on both of the guns could probably use some work to achieve a really "smooth" feel. They certainly perform as well as can be expected for the price of the guns. But, they work well enough. Overall a fun hour out back. Will be shooting the new Buckmark next. Decided not to shoot the new GSD 1911 22. Just did not like the feel of it. So, put it up on Gunbroker.
  3. The summer here was so hot and buggy that I did not shoot for months. Just received from Bud's a Berreta Neo, a 1911 22 from GSG and a Browning Buckmark. Also got a CZ 82. So, should have some fun starting tomorrow. Although I am pretty sure I will not put anything else on order fir a while. ... Although, I do like the way that Colt 1911 22 looks.
  4. I put one of those on my Ruger 22/45. Looks cool and works very well. Those and the lasers are really amazing when it comes to shooting. Feels like you're in a video game.
  5. Nice list of .22's! I think we should all meet at Scott's house!
  6. Hello: I don't know if I am on the right board, but I think that Walther makes the new Colt 1911 22. I just was notified that they came in at Bud's. I can't get one now, but maybe one of you guys might want to grab them. http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/75190
  7. Certainly, most of us, through trial and error, have learned that some brands of .22 ammo have more misfires in our own guns than other brands. As "tactical .22" shooters, we tend to shoot more rounds than, say, a bolt action rifle shooter and run into more misfires simply because we shoot up more ammo. So, we may be a little different than most consumers of .22 ammo. Although, I do admit that I have followed the recommendations of commentators that I had no reason to believe. It is good advice to research the person who is writing the review or comment on the internet or in the magazine. In the end, however, competition will soon cause the ammo that suffers a higher percentage of misfires either to better the quality or go out of the .22 bulk ammo business. (Listening Remington?). While that may solve the misfire problems with the .22, I think that if a manufacturer can recover the additional cost of a double firing pin in a .22 by charging a premium price, we will also see that happen. Perhaps the additional cost of a double firing pin system, in this day of cheap manufacturing, will end up not being much at all. When I was shooting skeet, most of the guys who shot a lot used over/under shotguns that cost thousands of dollars. They would use those over/unders to shoot .410 through 20 ga. Then, to shoot 12 ga., they would use a Remington 1100, which was cheap by comparison. Yet, they would not use the 1100 to shoot the other gauges. It was all in the perception of the user. Some of us, (including me), thought that the paper Federal Shotshells had less recoil than the plastic hull shells. Sounds silly now, but still, there was just something about those paper hulls. If a double firing pin .22 led us to believe that misfires would be greatly reduced, and thus our accuracy would improve because we would not be flinching as a result of waiting for that inevitable misfire, probably most of us would be willing to shell out $50 or $100 extra. Isn't S&W going to sell the GSG 1911 .22 for more than you can buy it with the GSG name on it? Give the buyer something new and as long as it does not blow up in his or her face, it will sell like hotcakes. ... Now, if they would only come out with a paper cased .22, what a difference that would make!
  8. "The ability to tax is the ability to destroy." It definitely looks like Conn wants to destroy its small businesses. It is a shame and a waste. Bottom line appears to be that the Big Box stores' lobbyists spent a lot if money.
  9. No question that a banner ad is not a physical presence. That's the same as direct mail or newspaper/magazine ads. I think the argument that collecting tax would be a burden won't hold up as a computer can handle that easy. Until the federal gov taxes for the states, one state can't tax another state's transactions without a physical presence. Why doesn't someone fight it? Seems to be a fairly simple question and a lot of money is involved.
  10. All States charge sales taxes except for Delaware. What the States want is to collect tax on every transaction. With the underground economy, collection of sales tax is more important to the budgets of the various local governments As the federal government tries to balance the budget, it will pass the cost of services to the States and the States will need more money. I expect that the Feds will eventually pass a law that works like the unemployment tax and estate tax. If you pay the tax to the State, you get a credit toward your federal taxes. If not, you pay it to the Feds. So, you pay it one way or another. In the end, I predict Amazon will be forced to collect sales tax for all the states. It will happen when California files for bankruptcy, which should not be too many years from now. The Feds will have to help collect sales taxes or bail California out. As Congress does not care about helping anyone but Wall Street and the banks when it comes giving money away, I think they will squeeze us for the sales tax. I've been working with taxes for 37 years now. Federal tax revenues fell 20% from 2008 to 2009. As the middle class disappears, the income tax they paid disappears. 50% of the people in the US do not pay federal income tax because they do not make enough money. Yet, the estate tax, which only taxed the rich, was reduced. Income taxes for the rich have been reduced to 33%. By buying in to the idea that the progressive income tax rates should not be applied to the rich people, we will get stuck paying more taxes. I'm not against people making money. And i personally do not like to pay taxes However, I believe that the major reason why a person gets rich in America is because the common people pay the gas tax that build the roads that enables commerce, pay the State and local taxes that provide companies with an educated workforce and send their sons and daughters off to war to protect the right to engage in free enterprise. There is a reason why all the companies do not move to Costa Rica There is no infrastructure, no highly educated work force and no US Army to protect you if push comes to shove As a result, I say tax the people who can afford to be taxed or else the government us going to get the money from you and I. End of Rant.
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