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  1. i used the sk match ammo and it worked just fine.
  2. lowes sell material that they use to line the drawers of tool boxes. it seem to be "sticky" and hold on to parts real well
  3. i know that they are kind of expensive (not 2K), but it really like my leupold 6.5x20x40 efr. crystal clear, repeatable, able to focus as close as 50 ft.
  4. i took the barrel support out and scored "rifleman" 1st time out. i guess i answered my own question
  5. i made conact with b. springfield. i want to send my trigger package for the trigger job (and boy! does it need it!!). how do you remove the t. p. from the rifle?
  6. no the sr22's barrel is not free floated. there is a part they are calling a barrel support. it is held in place by the sling swivel stud. internet research says that the rifle can be fired with the support removed, free floating the barrel. just thought someone might want to know. the receivers are now made out of plastic. do the aftermarket trigger fit tthe new type?
  7. does any one make a freefloated hand guard kit for he umarex colt 20" rifle. a friend of mine shoots the appleseed. he is having the same problem i had with the sig 522, when you add a sling the barrel will flex over shoot to another point of aim. are the ar15 and the umarex rifles similar enough that an ar15 kit could be used?
  8. i have an interest in the appleseed project. i tried using a sig 522. after shooting it with a sling, i found that the barrel will flex and change the point of impact. change so much to make it worthless for this kind of shooting. if this (sr22) rifle's barrel is free floated it could be just the thing that i am looking for. any idea as to whether it is free floated?
  9. when i shoot my 522,(prone with a sling) the barrel will flex and change the point of impact, i'am sure that the heavy barrel would eliminate at least some of this.
  10. yes i think the barrel is that thin, i was just looking for confirmation
  11. if you can get sig to give you a barrel then i want one to. personally, i don't think they will do it. now after spending the money on a set of sights the factory is now including sights. what is making me angry is that not only did i not get what others are getting, i can't buy what they are getting without buying another rifle
  12. i guess the sig heavy barrel is just sold in the rifle kit with 2 barrels. is their a after market barrel availible?
  13. is the barrel so thin that the tension of a sling will change the point of impact?
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