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  1. Ordered my Ruger 22/45 LITE a new pair of grips. Spalted Mango Target Grips with thumb rest and palm swell. Also contacted MaddMac's Precision Tactical about making a one off linear compensator for my pistol.
  2. Kodiak TL is the one I'm looking at. Friend has one ... easy take down to clean, quieter, light weight.
  3. I stopped into the Sig Pro Shop the other day and that is one thing I noticed right away that the stock didn't adjust quite long enough for me. It felt like it could have been an inch longer to be comfortable. I'm going to have to look at the stats for both the 522 and the 15/22 because the 522 is now " in the game ".
  4. IndigoWolf


    Oh, how horrible... likely scantly clad or worse, in the natural. We'll all be forced to look at it repeatedly. The headlines will say "You look..This is what vegetables will do to you." Send me my copy so I can get this over with.
  5. Absolutely priceless... LOL ... +1 good share.
  6. Stoeger has the corner on the short barreled double shotguns. Quick handling in the woods without worry as to weather you might scratch your high gloss finished stocks. That same quick handling makes it good for home defense also. Stoeger has been around quite some time now. Two of my buddies love the way they handle and haven't had a hiccup in their performance. I love side by sides and have been loathing the day I let loose of my dads Winchester (24?). I'd like to fill in that gap with a coach gun, maybe one with a english stock. Stoegers are not the fanciest shotguns but they have a reputation for holding up in the field. Cowboy competition has been a boom for the lil coach guns too. I've seen used ones in good shape at good prices. Boils down to what you are going to use it for. I'll have one in due time.
  7. Wow ... Canada? glad I don't live there. http://thestir.cafemom.com/toddler/133600/4yearolds_drawing_leads_to_dads?quick_picks=1
  8. Here's another company that makes target quality barrels. http://www.gmriflebarrel.com/catalog.aspx?catid=rugertargetbarrels
  9. WOW!! This could be a stepping stone to some much bigger things... Scary..
  10. "What movie will we be seeing this in?" Was my first question.
  11. Wa..huan? you say somethin... Niiiice peaches... sweet lips.wt
  12. double barreled 1911 OMG!!! :o http://youtu.be/BM-DGaNmtA0
  13. Good groups for your equipment.... The guys that put out the big bucks on their rifles and sights will print groups that size at 200yds. Then again I couldn't see spending two grand on a rifle to carry around in the woods where it could get scratched up either. Minute of squirrel is what most hunters are concerned with more so than minute of angle. Knowing your abilities to make that shot count is the big bonus here. I like making head shots on doves, but they have to be at close range to do that with a 22 ... eer at least my 22.
  14. Put it back together WITH the crush washer in place. The crush washer is there to keep the hot metals from reaching the threads. If allowed to flow into the threads you will find it near impossible to remove the flash hider next time as it will have been soldered in place. It will take a lot of heat to remove it if this happens... read torch. The high pressures will push the hot metal into the area no mater how close the tolerances, proper indexing or not. You might even want to pick up a new crush washer to have on hand for use after cleaning it next time.
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