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.22 Short
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  1. well ended up selling that 522sd, but got another a couple weeks and here's how it looks so far :-)
  2. It started out as a wally world special stainless deluxe sporter with the 22" barrel, i added the archangel556 kit hydrodipped in reaper skulls, the scope is a BSA SWEET 22 6x18x40. i also added the auto bolt plate, ext charging handle with Ruger logo from customruger1022s.com, ext mag realease from rimfire technologies.
  3. Thanks guys, now I need it to get nice out so I can shoot
  4. i got a deal :-) but check him out www.stricklandhydrographics.com
  5. Its Hydro dipped in reaper skulls :-)
  6. The riser is on, i actually needed it, it was too low and you had to cock your head kind of weird to see through. with the riser, its perfect :-)
  7. Anybody have a tan archangel kit that would want to trade stock and fore end? looking to do a two tone on mine and id rather not have to paint.
  8. Like the way it turned out, still waiting on the ext. charging handle and the scope riser.
  9. Roughly 1500 rounds through it comes with 2 22rnd mags, illuminated(blue) 3x9x42 scope, full length top rail, Magpul AFG2. $425
  10. back from Duracoat, had a problem with the handgaurd so it's going back to black.got therail and afg mounted, i just need to send back the black one and get one in FDE. [img width=800 height=600]http://i740.photobucket.com/albums/xx44/jco69/100_3550-2.jpg
  11. Just got this , sweet :-)
  12. Just bought a Magpul AFG2 and a 5" rail, now i just need my parts back from Duracoat so i can grind on it to fit the rail :-(
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