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  1. Dboywild

    ammo problems

    Yeah Winchester ammo is garbage.
  2. Dboywild

    ammo problems

    Just picked mine up from walmart last Friday. For some reason it acts better with federal ammo witch my 597 hates. The Remington has way fewer fte with Remington brand ammo but they have more ftf in the mossberg.
  3. And so the addiction has started. Will purchase this weekend at bass pro for $286
  4. Had to add the carry handle. I didn't like the scope that low
  5. I'm new to the world of tactical 22s. I started with a Remington 597 Just because rimfire ammo is so cheap. Paid $188 at walmart. I added the archangel kit, AR style carry handle and bought new scope rings to attach the factory Remington scope to the weaver rail i added on top of the handle. The silencer is fake. I made it from pvc pipe and adapters i purchased at lowes. Slips on the barrel.
  6. Has anyone else had any experience with the Remington version? Ive put about 1000 rounds through it and I'm hooked.
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