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  1. mock SCAR airsoft suppressor came in today. Little modding and welding.. TADA used a 1/2" drill bit widen Flash hider. Weld it to the outer barrel The outer barrel is still adjustable if I wanna give it that full 14.5" or 16" length
  2. wow. Well i finally ran the gun today... over all its just a toy plinker, I don't think Ill ever mags at those prices
  3. Oval all it just a fun plinker. I don't think I can replace it to train with since the major functionality of it isn't there. Basically a GSG on a SCAR shell my M&P 15-22 is still one of the best .22LR i've own
  4. I pretty much got my hands on a ECLAN SpectreDR for good price and moved the EOTech 553.A65 on this .22LR Found my old Surefire M952 and TangoDown stubby grip. The PEQ is a fake but more cosmetic purposes Had an extra Knights Armament 600m rear sight.. Don't know what I am going to do about the front sight. I did though found some really cheap airsoft SCAR front sights for like $15 I did though freak out some people @ the indoor pristol range "Excuse me, no rifle rounds allowed" since they weren't aware of this MK22
  5. Ran the SCAR .22LR today.. plus the inner barrel is 16" long and the outer barrel is a shroud with a 3" Flash hider. I wasn't having a 19" OAL long barrel. Modded it a bit and slid the shroud down to where the end of the inner barrel is at the tip of the Flash hider. 16" OAL still :) Ran all 300 rounds through her without a problem. When I was taken it apart to learn how to clean it through youtube videos, I notice that my screws had blue lock tight on them and the bolt carry didn't have a flat washer like in the video but instead lock washers. This maybe the new set-up with all the problems I've been reading. My stock is pretty stiff and hard to push down, but I really don't plan on folding it. I don't even fold my FN as well. Not to happy with the trigger or the selector switch. Gonna see if I can change it out with Magpul SCAR selector upgrade. I didn't even realize it didn't have a bolt catch release button until I emptied my first mag!!! I also ordered a mock SCAR Flash hider with a mock suppressor and going to make that a shroud and give it that Short Barrel look.
  6. So I get this MK22 to save $$$ on buying 5.56mm on my SCAR but $65/mag???? WTF for a .22LR where are some sites that are cheap? I really just need 2 more for training
  7. Been bugging my gun shop to get one, they finally got "1" and they put it in back for me
  8. The buffer and lower receiver are one piece and not buffer tube nut so no
  9. SU17

    Picked up a GSG AK

    found a store next state over that had some stuff picked up a folding triangle stock, good for a med size bag which is the main reason, and a couple more mags
  10. SU17

    Tactical Shotguns

    if you got the Mossberg 930SPX Gen 3, it already comes with that charging handle
  11. SU17

    Tactical Shotguns

    for the 930 rail http://www.aimprotactical.com/index.htm or http://harristacticalonline.com/Mossberg-930-and-935-Shotgun-Bobcat-Picatinny-Rail-Forend-MOSS-BBCT-930.htm so far that's the only 2 companies I know of
  12. Here are just few of my Hand Guns
  13. SU17

    Tactical Shotguns

    Here are my triple threats Mossberg 390SPX GEN 3: AimPro Rail Knight's Armament Company Hand Stop Magpul Ladder Rail covers Surefire 300m Mini Scout Weapon Light Remington 870 Tactical Grey: Remington Tactical Brake Mesa Tactical LEO Stock Adapter Endine Shock Buffer Tube LMT SOPMOD Stock Magpul MAID Grip Magpul BUIS Gen 1 Magpul Ladder Rail Covers Surefire 300m Mini Scout Weapon Light AimSports Tactical Rail Mako Tri-Rail Fore grip Knight's Armament Company Handstop Izhmash Saiga 12 Tapco T6 Adapter LMT SOPMOD Stock Saiga Rail System Primary Arms Micro Dot Knight's Armament Company Hand Stop Talon Brake Insight M3 Weapon Light I plan on working on the Saiga 12 more, but lately its been on the back burning with other stuff I've been working on and time. If not I plan sending it out to Rifle Dynamics to get worked if I don't have time. I would like the trigger conversion where it moves the trigger up more closer to the mag well and better stock conversion once that is done.
  14. SU17

    Picked up a GSG AK

    Side by side shot..
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