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  1. Really old thread, been quiet around here. So I took the M4 out a couple of weekends in a row and dang if that trigger isn't annoying. Too hard to pull, it was throwing my aim off. Went home and prowled the Web and found HKParts.com and they have the following for sale: https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=17340&idcategory=343 Ordered it and installed it today. Brought my trigger pull down to 6lbs, much much better. Haven't fired it yet, so we hope it does not go full auto! But for 18 bucks this might be the ticket.
  2. Yeah I tapped mine off, it was the work of a moment and very easy.
  3. Very interesting. Where'd you get this "pilot"?
  4. No, none at all. There is a slight gap at the back of the receivers where the upper meets the lower, but no wiggle or movement.
  5. Mine tends to loosen up after a lot of firing and then I can push the pins out as well. Tightening fixes it.
  6. Wow, interesting fix. Got any pics of the heads of a shell case? I'd like to see one.
  7. Glad your rifle is working out well for you. I've got a newer M4 OPS and it is bulletproof so far. I've been shooting some Remington subsonics as of late and had no problems, but have not tried their Golden Bullets.
  8. My M4 remains rock solid and I've only had one instance of a FTE, nor have I touched the bolt speed adjustment. Glad you are enjoying yours.
  9. Okay, strange. Changed the extractor and that seems to be it, not what I expected to hear.
  10. So on the flash hider they, Umarex, suggested tightening it half a turn from the point where the o-ring first contacts. I've been following their manual which says: "- Hand-tighten the compensator and then further tighten 1/4 turn using the supplied wrench." So, they want me to tighten it more. Hmm.
  11. No. I've not had to adjust the spring for any cartridge variety I've fired so far. It's all the way back where the factory sets it.
  12. Another goodie on the Walther Germany site, a functioning silencer for the Colt.
  13. I have not contacted Umarex and I should and will and report back here what they have to say. I've talked to them about other issues related to M4 before I bought it and they were very responsive. While these loose nuts and bolts are a bit annoying, they are not at all detracting from my enjoyment of the rifle! It's exceeded my expectations in every way, utterly reliable, very accurate, good ergonomics and a great time to shoot. But then my expectations were rather low after reading all the bad chatter about the Colt M4 .22 on the Internet. I confess that I bought it on the weight of the solid reviews from the NRA site American Rifleman, and a couple of other guys like The Truth About Guns and M1911.org, some good comments here, and some blind hope. Saw a newer one at Big 5 last night, it had the 90 degree safety. The coloring was different on the upper and lower receivers, more grey less black, while the rest of the parts were the same more black less grey that mine is.
  14. Bought a 100 Remington .22 Subsonics to see what would happen. Figure that the place we like to shoot would like a little less noise, out in the country, but I've heard that anything Remington does not work well in the M4. Oversized cases I've read, and just eyeballing them next to my Federal .22s they do seem a little larger in case size. Anyway, they worked great. Not a single problem, no FTE, FTF, hang fires, da nada. I was impressed at how the rifle just ate them up and spit them out. They are quieter, a fair amount, not silent by any means but noticeably quieter. Still needed earplugs, tried one shot without them and it made my ears ring immediately. My stepson tried them in his old Martin Model 60 and it was really quiet, no ear plugs needed with it but it has a much longer barrel. (fired okay for him as well) They are dirtier. Even just firing a few dozen made more mess then the Federal's. Overall I was pleased. But Wal Mart wants 35 dollars for a brick of these, which is nearly twice what they want for the Federals. Ouch.
  15. 1700 rounds now through the gun, had my first FTE today. Case hung about halfway out, a Federal Value Pack round from Wal Mart, otherwise no issues. Cleaned and disassembled. Attached a couple of pics of the process I'm using. I pull the inner receiver out and use spray to clean it up, scrap the buildup off with a wooden tool, and then a few drops of oil. This cleanup works well, but the cleaning process is still pretty bizarre. I mean, having to disassemble to this level is ridiculous, come on Walther try harder. Stuff was loose again. Bolts for the inner receiver were all a tad loose. Flash hider was loose again. Bolts on the trigger assembly were just a little bit loose. All these were tight when I last cleaned it at 1200 rounds. Hmm.
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