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  1. Avalon

    Bullpup stock

    Good point. When I was in the British Army and later the RAF reserves I used the SA80 and was pretty impressed with it but now I'm thinking of gutting my Butler Creek Ruger to make it a Bullpup inside a bullpup stock.
  2. Avalon

    Bullpup stock

    I've got the chance to to acquire a Muzzlelite Bullpup stock for my 10/22. Can anyone tell me if they haveany experiecne of Bullpup stocks? How do you fit a scope to it?
  3. Last night down the range she saw a Walther 22 and liked it. The Bro who owns it pointed to the bolt handle and said, 'Look , its got a handbag clip'.
  4. Suprisingly .22 club ranges are to be found in most towns and cities in the UK, with TAC .22's being very popular. It's real recession shooting as .22 ammo is about £7-£8 per 100. Its a bit off topic but last week as me and my girlfriend wer egetting our rifles ready to go shooting I said to her 'Don't forget the magazine for your new rifle' she replied ' you mean the booklet that came with it?'
  5. I'm suprised to find we can have what California cant, thats magazines over 10 rounds. In an ever increasingly restrictive sport, tac 22s are a growth area in the UK. I'm not to sure about othe rareas of Europe though.
  6. Hello to everyone on this great site. I'm in england and suprisingly for a country with severe gun laws, Tac 22s and mags of any capacity are no problem over hear-rifles that is, Pistols were banned in 98. Me and my girlfriend shoot 22 me a 10/22 in a Butler Creek stock and her a brno CZ .22 and a Norinco Mauser look alike. She can't get on with semis so for safetyt sake she uses a bolt action. Women eh?
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