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  1. This looks like a lot of fun. I'm trying it. I'm having trouble printing the JPG without putting it into a document. I haven't tried a program like photoviewer because I don't have anything like that at work. I have been successful at putting the jpg into a word document and printing it full page sized. Will that work?
  2. I had to bottom out the rear also, but it's dead on now. Took a little fiddlin' wit it, but she shoots straight now. I was amazed how well it reached out to 100 yards.
  3. Just bought 2 more for me at $75 plus shipping using their round up feature. Pretty high price and I'm real glad to have 'em.
  4. The weather turned fair and I had my chores done so I decided to take my little black gun out to the range for a shake down. I'd had it out earlier, but it'd been a while and I really didn't get the chance to shoot it over distances. So, I arrived at the range and there was no one else there. I proceeded to lay out my own private shooting course with targets at 20 yds, 50 yds, and 100 yrds. The Colt M4 .22lr fired the 36 gr hollow points just as fast as I decided I wanted to and she never heated up. I was shooting at paper plates held to wire frames and was amazed what this little gun would do. Never a miss feed or fail to fire. Every single shot hit the 9" plate all the way out to 100 yds. I was standing there with my mouth open, amazed! I tried it from sitting, prone, and standing unsupported and had a great day. Standing I was able to hit about 50%, unsupported, but sitting and prone I was able to hit well over 90%. My first group of 15 shots was 100% accurate so I switched to a smaller spinner target that caused me to drop my hits to only 50% at 50 yds while standing unsupported. I love this gun! What a blast!
  5. Don't dispair, because the ammo is out there in small lots and it takes some looking. I found some at Cabela's before it disappeared in a matter of minutes. You have to be patient and keep looking. I've been shopping for about six weeks. I refuse to pay the crazy prices some places like CTD so when I found 36gr Remington's for .05 round, I jumped on it. I also found some .40SW FMJ for .40 round too. Keep looking and be ready to snap it up when you find it.
  6. TM: I assume the numbering you are using is from the exploded view in the user manual. I appreciate your comments and suggestions. I'm just being careful and thought I'd order them now, so I have them, just in case. Thanx
  7. My Colt M4 is brand new, but I am wondering what parts I can expect to wear first and if a standard "kit" is available to have on hand to prepare for any known issues. Does anyone else here have a prepared kit? Or, as an alternative, can you recommend a list of pieces or parts that any owner should have on hand as a spare parts kit? Side note: I already have a basic as well as a complete cleaning kit.
  8. I have three boxes of Federal 525 right now and I'd buy all of the Remington that I could find, if it were available in my area. The last two boxes I bought were $50 each and that's the last time I've seem .22lr ammo since early January. I checked a couple of places yesterday and they laughed at the service desk when I asked...
  9. Try this... http://www.gunbot.net/index.php?cal=22lr
  10. I have shamelessly lifted this search engine from another forum for you guys: http://www.gunbot.net/index.php?cal=22lr
  11. I pass two Walmarts and private hunting retail store on my way home. I have been stopping in regularly to check on their orders that "should be here any day." The have lots of shot gun shells and a few center fire shells, but zero .22lr. I have heard that some Gander Mountain stores have .22lr ammo, but they're not near me, so...
  12. Scored a 100 rounds of .40 cal at Walmart in Danville. They still have another box as well as most rifle rounds. I'll see if I can afford another box next payday, if they still have it.
  13. I"ve been making a similar circut checking stock with no success. I too have some on hand but afraid to shoot because I can't replace it...
  14. NY gun owners and range owners are banding together to fight Cuomo's new law of forced registration: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/hit_us_with_your_best_shot_andy_5rxZg0gYBJJhkLBtiTPMfJ I say we adopt a new slogan and join this motion on a national level. Originally, I thought, and supported registration. However, upon quiet reflection, I have changed my mind and I think this is going to be the way to get the registration movement stopped. Mass refusal to comply. In this case, they simply can't arrest everyone. There'd be more tax payers in jail than there would be citizens to pay the taxes that support their care. I suggest we adopt a new slogan to lead this fight against registration: "Just say Nope!"
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