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  1. I generally won't recommend using airsoft parts on real guns, due to recoil, etc.. On a .22, it shouldn't be a big deal, but maybe, depending on the part and what you're using it for. The Madbull products are made to a very high standard, far beyond what wear and tear airsoft players will do throw at it. I recommend it! The really cheap airsoft stuff is made of 'pot metal' in molds, then painted black. Use these on a .308 rifle for example, and the recoil will shake it off fairly quickly. Or explode. Be warned! If anyone has any questions about the products we sell, www.airsoftatlanta.com lemme know. That's in regards to their compatibility with .22 guns, etc. We have some great scopes, tactical gear, etc that is made for real firearms enthusiasts. We have the largest 'tactical' store in the Atlanta area too, so come stop by if you're in Georgia. We have all sorts of new stuff coming in this month that should be making waves in the gun world... we're vastly expanding our non-airsoft selection. We're also not just airsoft geeks, our entire staff collects real guns as well, and shoot at local ranges often.
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