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  1. Lets just say the first time out with my 522 was nothing short of impressive. Man is that a quality piece that feels great in hand. My brother and I did some tactical work on a course I made, around our cabin, in the woods, around cars long and short range. We ran it over and over and had tons of fun , not to mention learned a lot. Then we switched to 223 and .40 pistol to mix it up.... a blast. I love Sig firearms...
  2. Can anyone part with an extra 25 short magazine..... heck a 10 would be great ... I cant seem to find any available. Matt
  3. :thumb: Just stumbled onto the site as I was looking for more Sig 522 info. I just bought one and am waiting for it to arrive. Iv'e shot .22's since I was 10 years old. It's good practice to shoot .22 pistol or rifle and then switch to a big bore and see if the same accuracy can be attained.
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