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  1. So the run down is.... Savage MK II-F (Non-accutrigger Model) Centerpoint 4-16X40 Scope Diversified Innovative Products 25 MOA Scope Mount Millett Low Scope Rings Blackhawk 6"-9" Bipod Boyd's Rimfire Varmint Thumbhole Stock Diversified Innovative Products Trigger Gaurd Diversified Innovative Products Bottom Metal Home-brewed Trigger Job (shimmed trigger, lighter spring)
  2. Well, I got my Bolt back this evening It feels much better and is much easier to get a hold of. Also have the new scope rings installed and I hope to get it to the range this week.
  3. Thanks... I'm looking for some Low Scope Rings now for when the DIP Scope Rail shows up
  4. Thanks for following my project sir! Inputs for any and all are always welcome, since this is my first build
  5. Bow

    M&P 22

    Yup, I'm with you there... Which is why I finally purchased a couple firearms to have around, before they TRY to outlaw that as well... I have a hard time coughing up a stupid amount of money for a "Tax Stamp" to aquire an item that is legal and a requirement in many other parts of the world...
  6. Bow

    M&P 22

    Figures... Then we will all be outlaws...
  7. I also just ordered the DIP 25 MOA scope Mount and the 1/8" Bottom Plate.... I'm hoping to build a tackdriver that will reach out 200+ yards
  8. Bow

    M&P 22

    Nope... but will at some point... I stumbled into a adapter at a gun show a picked it up...
  9. Thank you sir! I forgot to mention, last night I also did the "Pen Spring" mod to lighten the trigger pull and also made some spacers to put between the trigger and the housing to remove the lateral slop from the trigger itself...
  10. Bow

    M&P 22

    We'll, here is my M&P partner to the Savage Bolt I'm building down below in the rifle section
  11. Got the action into the new stock last night... The bolt is on it's way to Ohio for a but of... Modification... >:D I need some lower scope rings for sure... :o
  12. Thanks, I believe so as well. It might be a Wal-Mart special Mk II-F, but to me, half the fun is making something that was budget excel, as long as the cost doesn't overtake what an equal can be purchased for... My wife pretty much says "You can build anything you want, because anyone can buy it.. but not everyone can build it"... so I have taken that approach with everything from my car to designing/scratch building vacuum tube guitar amplifiers... I have to look into some of the Non-Accutrigger Trigger tweaks as well.
  13. Just to update: In an effort to keep it a Budget Project (but it has to look cool!), I picked up a 4x16 Center Point scope after reading some good reviews, and a short bi-pod. Also, my Thumbhole stock showed up today.. but I had to head to work this afternoon.... :o
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