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.22 Short
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  1. A very interesting design, they just can't seem to get a foot hold in the market. Availability of 22 WMR is helping.........
  2. Looks like S&W is adding some new models and calling it the "15-22 Sport" Looks like its the same rifle as before but they have replaced the quad rail hand guard with MLOK slots and Magpul MBUS sights are now standard on the sport line. Link from the S&W web site: S&W page for 15-22 Sport
  3. I have used it and it stays put and does appear to make clean up easier. Where I really noticed it was after I seasoned my suppressor with it. (SiCo Sparrow) The lead build up was minimal on the half shells and scraping was at a minimum. Not sure I will buy it again. Slip2000 EWL has also worked well and is a bit cheaper.
  4. Outstanding!! Looks very stable, might just have to make something like that up for myself.
  5. I had 1 stuck case in the 1st 100 rounds using a BC ambi charging handle. I filled the 1st 3 inches with some hi temp silicon and have not had an issue since. The silicon is not permanent so you can remove it if you decide to sell at a later time. Never had it fall out while using the rifle.
  6. All excellent suggestions. I have used the adapter in my rifle for over 5000 rounds. Only time issues popped up is when the adapter got gummed up in the bolt hold open area. A quick dis-assembly and cleaning would get it back in working order. Sometimes the issue maybe that same part having a burr on it causing it to bind.
  7. Welcome from the Sunshine state!!
  8. Tedious, oh yeah!! Interesting concept but I'll let someone else try it 1st.... I used to cast my own .45 and 38 special pills bout 30 years ago. Nasty stuff if you don't follow all the precautions. Had a pot of hot lead spray on me due to some sweat that dropped in it. Thankfully no one was hurt and I learned from the experience!
  9. Just bought one of these, (the A5 version) and have to say it been a shooter. Fun to plink with, my family enjoys shooting it and a heck of a lot cheaper to feed then my 9mm Hk94. Now it's time to play the "accessorize" game and make it my own.......
  10. cjt50

    I'm Here

    Yea, nice upgrade!! Looks good
  11. Not really rare, just not as popular as the the rifle is. I think once 22lr ammo is more available folks will try and attach a "Sig Brace" and make the pistol a more popular option.
  12. Great news!! :thumb:
  13. I am very happy with my SiCo Sparrow. Made of stainless so it's easy to clean and it looks good too!
  14. Just did!! Pick it up tomorrow and hope to hit the range with it within the week. I'll post my thought on it soon after :D
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