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  1. Hello everybody, have two shotguns that Im looking at and wanted to get feed back,good or bad. One is Beretta A300 the other Stoeger M3500. Both semi auto. M3500 has the Inertia Driven operating system like the benelli, can handel 3 1/5" load A300 gas system,3"load max. Im I giving up a lot with the 3" for Duck killing. Would like to stay at around $600.00 seem like they both need to be broken in . Anyone have other options? Thanks in davance.
  2. WOW, where do you live? Alaska!! Its been 85 here in san jose ,CA
  3. dose anyone have the little thing that go's on the bottom of the mage to limit the Rounds? I would buy them from you.
  4. Yea, asmurff, I like the limited freedom we have here in Cali. Its like they give us just enoght to be happy.
  5. Thanks TECHMIKE, I figured it was agaist the law to ship Illigal magazines. I would keep them but with my luck I would be the 20% person that would be get a free ride in the back seat of a police car. Ill have to destroy them and I should get my money back from Ebay.
  6. Wow, even if they are against the law for have the here in CA. Wow good to know.
  7. hello folks, I'm new to the site and I'm in need of some advice hope you can help. I recently bought a smith and Wesson m&p 22. so i thought i need more magazines right, one can never have enough, well i got some off of EBay, everything went smooth until i get them and there not what was advertised, so here is the problem, I'm in Ca legal limit is 10 Rd he sold me 12rd mags as 10 rd mags. so usually more is better right? well a law abiding person that I am I let this person know what he did. He will refund my money but now I have to brake the law and send them USPS with tracking number. what do you all think is the right thing to do..... thanks in advance
  8. dose anyone have any idea where to find 10 Rd magazine???? thanks
  9. Im getting one and I see here that there is not to many post about the MP5 compared to others?? what up is the MP5 not up to par???
  10. Thanks guy's hope to find some great information here.
  11. Hello, Better late than never. I have been in the backround lurking. Ive wanted one of these eval toys for a while. Well I went out and got an H&K MP 5 A5. I started out wanting a S&W 1522 but none to be found around here. Anyway i hope i got a good one.
  12. Hi , Looking for 10 round mag's for the H&K MP5 A5. Thanks
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