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  1. Thanks for the advice, I have already asked for a supervisor and was shot down even more harshly. I think they may be doing me a favor though. After reading about bolt alignment with the ejector, etc. I may as well send it off and have them install the bolt.
  2. In a pickle. I was directed here by one of your current members. Bought a stripped rifle with the intent of building it. Is a lower and upper from an M&P 15-22. Of course I did my homework and contacted S&W about everything that was missing. As of last week everything BUT a front pivot pin was available and ready to ship. This included the bolt assembly. I was even quoted a price of $70 plus S&H. Was told the bolt assembly could be sent to me since the extractor was already fitted to the bolt, but separate bolt parts were a NO GO. The new story now is the bolt assembly is a "in house" part only because it needs to be fitted to the rifle??? Anyhow, I need a whole bolt assembly. New, used, I don't even care if somebody has the connections and can get the thing to me. I'll pay them back for S&H. It just needs to work, and be complete. Improved extractor and springs are best. PM me if you have one or have a suggestion. Thanks in advance guys Ryan
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