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  1. The .45 Colts I am reloading with Trail Boss powder and 200 grain bullets are costing about 17¢ a round and $8.50 for a box of 50. :thumb:
  2. I've got more than enough .22LR to last a while, and I've taken up shooting my .38 Specials because I can reload them as cheap (or cheaper) than the some of the .22s I have found lately. :grin: :thumb:
  3. For clarification, what exactly is the SD model? :confused:
  4. Rimfire

    ammo shortage

    I am at the point with .22 ammo, that I am ready to cut loose with one of my higher dollar .22LR long guns to get a Rossi .357 rifle. I can reload my .38/.357s a whole lot cheaper than CCI Mini-mags are running around here (if I could even find them.) I predicted that the hoarders and re-salers where going to hurt the shooting sport, and it regrettably looks like I'm going to be right. :confused:
  5. Dropped the hammer today and traded a couple items for one. Hefty little booger! Anxious to send some lead flying out of it! :thumb:
  6. I am getting GAS (Gun Aquistion Syndrom) for a GSG-5, now! :confused:
  7. Just to add, as posted elsewhere, I just bought the Colt 1911 Gold Cup model and it is a dandy! :thumb: Out of the box, it digested everything I fed it without a single hiccup. No failures at all. At this point, I amy end up with a second one. ;D
  8. Took the Colt GC out for the first time this past weekend. Fed it a little of everything I had with me, and it munched it all up without a single hitch. The thing is a tack driver, too. Color me happy!! :thumb: Now, I want a Government Model to go with my Citadel M1 - .22 Carbine. :beer:
  9. .22LR ammo shortage has eased up for me. My LGS that I have done business with for the past 15 years has started informing his steady customers of ammo shipments and letting them have first dibs at the ammo before it goes out for general sales. He told me of one known "reseller" that came in and tried to buy his stock. When he refused the guy, the reseller threw a hissy fit right in the store. He told the guy if he did not calm down, he'd call the police to him. C:-) :thumb:
  10. Kinda pricey for the U.S. :o
  11. Here's my Gold Cup: Full size 1911 and it feels great! :thumb:
  12. I have the Gold Cup, and I'm very pleased with it. It will digest anything you feet it and print some mighty fine groups in the process. :thumb:
  13. Colt has got a mighty fine threesome of 1911 .22s that are made by Walther and imported by Umarex. They aren't taboo here are they? :confused:
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