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  1. chapps

    My Dilemma

    Thanks - I am sure I will be proud to own it - I just hope it shoots well for what will cost over $1000 USD equivalent in the UK :-)
  2. chapps

    My Dilemma

    Thanks. The 2 barrel kit isn't available in England unfortunately. Is there a free floating quad rail available that can easily be swapped for the hogue overmoulded one on the target version? That may be a way to go... Chapps.
  3. chapps

    My Dilemma

    Hi guys. I am in the UK and will have my firearms certificate come through from the police soon meaning I can go shopping for a rifle. I have narrowed it down to the SIG 522 almost exclusively - but I am having a dilemma as to which one to go for. I really like the look of the Swat version, but will be using it almost exclusively at the range and don't expect to be doing any 'tactical training' due to the restrictive UK laws on where and how we can shoot. The problem is compounded by the costs - for some odd reason, the 522 target with the floating barrel and 1.5-5x sight is the cheapest here in the UK with an equivalent price of $1040, the Classic is the equivalent of $1,200 and the Swat is the equivalent of $1,360 - a lot of money compared to what you lucky guys can get them for... SO - what should I get and why? and is it worth it (it's worth mentioning that even the S&W 15-22 is around $1,300 here...) Cheers for your help Chapps.
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