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  1. Just purchased one from CDNN and its a pretty neat little gun. Are they still being made and imported?
  2. Glad to see some activity on this gun. I have had mine for over 2 years and have put many rounds though it with out any malfunctions. So far eats any ammo I try. Great little gun.!
  3. And does anyone still shoot their HK? Took mine out a few weeks ago and ran a couple of hundred rounds through it. A mix of different brands and it ate them all with no problem. Love to see some action here.
  4. Yes it is!! Love shooting it as much as my AR.
  5. Have since seen them back at CDNN but at $369 instead of the $299 I paid!
  6. Bought mine from CDNN a while back but no longer see them advertised.
  7. At least once a day for me...LOL Recently put LED rope lights in and love to look at my guns all lit up!
  8. Agree...too bad folks are not more open minded.I mean after all, its just a gun...LOL And I really enjoy shooting my HK. Its funny,I have a beautiful mannlicher stocked 10/22 in the safe that I have had for years but seldom shoot but have taken the HK to the range 4 times in the past two months.
  9. Posted some pics on another board about my HK 416 and how well it works and how much I like it. Boy..the Umerex/Walther haters came out of the woodwork..LOL Not made by Walther...made by a airsoft manufacturer and so on!! My point was that the gun looks good,shoots good..who gives a damn where or who makes it!
  10. Went to the range today to try and get the 3X Monstrum scope sighted in. Did not have a lot of time but this target is from one 20rnd mag at 15 yards, the longest I can shoot at the indoor range. The scope sure did help. Good enough for today. Ran 150 rnds of very old ammo with absolutely no failures of any kind. Eat them up and spit them out.
  11. Just ordered 2 more 20rnd mags from CDNN for $19.95. You pay a flat shipping fee of $9.95 so the more you order the better..LOL
  12. Had a nice Blackhawk case ordered for my HK 416, and did not expect it until next week but it came in yesterday!! Very fast shipping from company called Hunters Bundle...a Amazon seller. Very pleased with the case too.
  13. Have not seen any on the shelves here either but I had over 2000 rnds on hand. Granted its over 15 years old but stored well and works good. I recently bought 3 325 packs of Federal from Smokey Mountain Munitions for $98 including shipping. The days of $10 bricks are long gone so you just have to get used to it I guess. My biggest gripe is that nowdays the only place to shoot is at regulated ranges..gone are the days where you could go out and shoot at cans against a berm.Nothing like making a can dance with a 22...LOL
  14. New pic with a Monstrum 3 power optic. I really liked the Truglo red/green dot sight but I thought the 3 power magnification might help my old eyes out. I have not had it to the range yet but will let you know how well it works. The scope was pretty cheap but had pretty good reviews, we shall see.
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