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  1. That 94 22M is a great critter gun. I've shot crows in the head with it at 125 yards. I really got lucky when I picked it up at work back in the early 1990s.
  2. I just picked up a Windham .308 AR Hunter with the Nutmeg Laminated wood stock that I fell in love with last Tuesday and brought it home on Thursday. On Friday I figured I'd better get me some 25 round PMag magazines since my Armalite AR-10T magazines won't fit it. I will never understand why all those other companies didn't use the same magazines as the original real AR-10s used.
  3. Here is a picture of the Mauser and the CZ. I've also over the years picked up some handguns. When I married my wife 37 years ago she owned a Ruger Single Six and since then we've picked up a few. When I was stationed at Pope AFB in NC I worked part time at Cumberland Knife and Gun. Didn't make a penny because I spent everything I made on knives and guns. One of the first was a High Standard Supermatic Citation, then a Contender that I took to the NRA Silhouette National Championships in 1983. I tried a Sig Mosquito for a while but never did take a liking to it and traded it off and picked up Walther P22 instead with two barrels a shorter one and threaded one for when my best friend wanted to mount his suppressor on it. It's a dandy fun shooter and the last handgun we picked up was a Ruger Bearcat that my wife had been wanting. When my best friend and gun buddy died last year I was helping his wife sell some of the 122 guns he had collected and acquired as a FFL dealer. I didn't realize it but while at a gun show with her and my wife she mentioned she had just received a Bearcat after my wife mentioned she wanted one. When I looked at it and figured out the condition I offered her $350 because it had a few small issues. She then told me how about $200 and wouldn't take a penny more.
  4. Hello folks I got here by way of AR.308 and have been a long time fan of quality 22s. Dad gave me my first one that he picked up in Germany during WWII. . A prewar Mauser MS350B (correction) sporter 5 shot. I was just 6 years old abd have collected several since then. I've got a nice Winchester model 61 S, L, & LR, a Browning BAR, a CZ 452 ZKM, a Winchester 9422M, Henry mini bolt action and a CMMG 22 AR-15 Conversion that my best friend gave me before hr passed away from cancer last year. . I've also got several 22 hand guns fir when I'm not typing on my phone. I just corrected the type of Mauser Dad gave me when I was pretty young. It's a dandy and about the only thing that they build like that anymore are the CZ and Ruger 77/22 My wife picked me up a Ruger 77/17 several years ago and it's as handy as any 22 and in some situations even better. When shooting coons, opposums etc in the barn the bullet does not go all the way through and poke a hole in the wall.
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