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    He and I worked at a pawnshop together for 10 years or so before he went off to open his own gun shop. After closing that down (due to a very unfortunate incident and the government trying to cover up their mistake) he returned to the shop. We worked together another 7 years or so before I left to opened my own pawnshop. Ernie AKA Microgunner was a positive encouraging force and my friend. The day before his passing he stopped by my shop to eat breakfast and kill some time before his shift started at my old bosses shop. We laughed and talked. As usual he wouldn't allow me to pay for breakfast threatening to throw the money out on the road for the homeless to get LOL. He finished his shift and went home and to bed and passed peacefully in his sleep. James Ernest Simms was the most knowledgable gun guy that I have ever come across. From old military to airguns and everything in between. He was my friend and will be missed. Migrogunner had a substantial firearm collection. For those of you that knew him, he liked good stuff. I don't know the rules here but his Brother is trying to help his hairs liquidate the firearms. They are seeking fair market value for his collection. If it is allowable I would like to offer them to Tactical 22's members first. Again thanks to all for the kind words and I will relay them to his family.
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    Hey guys I am a good friend of Microgunner. Its with a heavy heart that I must tell you that he passed away in his sleep a couple weeks ago. I will check this thread to see any response or you can email me at Basscg3@yahoo.com. I was his coworker for close to 2 decades on and off. I new he was a moderator and figured you guys would be wondering why he has not been posting. Thanks Chuck.
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