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By the way, about TRIGGER-PULL and "light-strikes"


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If any of you guys are interested in a fairly easy fix for the LOUSY trigger-pull on the Colt, let me know. It can be done simply by modifying ONE PART. If you follow my lead, there will be NO CHANCE of multiple-firing! Also, if you're having excessive "failure-to-fires" due to "light-strikes" on your primers, I got a fix for that too. These mods require some mechanical skills, so if you can't do it, DON'T TRY IT! If enough people are interested, I'll try to compose an understandable tutorial. It REALLY WORKS if you do it right!

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I can go into more detail later, but basically it involves separating the two bolt halves by tapping out one horizontal tapered pin. You will then be able to remove the firiing pin and it's "rebound" spring. I have found this spring to be too STIFF. It actually reduces the striking force on the primer. I SHORTENED my spring about 1/8", and now misfires are nearly a thing of the past! Disassembly to this point is well described in Techmike's earlier post on disassembly for cleaning. Now can be a good time to SRETCH the extractor spring a bit to improve manual extraction as well.

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While shortening the firing-pin spring on the Colt surely improves the "light-strike" situation, another thing to look out for is the possibility of the rounds not chambering fully. The Colt has an unusually small and tapered CHAMBER, not letting some brands of ammo to chamber completely all the time. Some CCI bullets have an unusual contour that will "stick" in the chamber, as does most Remington. Remington is usually the result of POOR quality-control, whereas The CCI's (Velocitors and Subsonics for sure) are just made that way. Keeping your chamber REALLY CLEAN can help, but not for long. I have found that Federal & Winchester HV's chamber really well, and the Winchester Sub-sonics do too. Aguilla sometimes is sporadic, buts works MOST of the time. A bent Q-tip and some powder-solvent is a good thing to have on hand at the range!

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