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Where to buy?


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I have been interested in getting a S&W for a while now but have still to see any on the shelf in the UK.

I had a long conversation with Wayne at http://www.nwcustomparts.com/index.htm this morning and he confirmed that he is working hard at getting the S&W, Colt and Sig in from the states.

Apparently the US State dept are being funny about the collapsible stocks, which is holding everything up. But he says that he has over 100 people trying to give him deposits to get their hands on these.

What Wayne did say, is that he is having no problem getting his Spikes in to the Country and when people handle them they soon opt for that design. They are fully interchangeable with AR15/M4 parts, so you can put all the custom bits on, like extended mag release catches, extended safety and of course all the furniture you want.

They are also interchangeable with .223 uppers, which if you combine the cost of a .22 and .223 makes the price appear more reasonable.

I asked him how they compare with SGC V22's and after he stopped laughing, he said that they are in a different league - end of - no argument. People sell their V22's to buy Spikes.

Wayne is attending the Gun Show in Newark in February and he will be taking a lot of these along, go talk to him and see what he has on the shelf. (If you are a full bore shooter look at the McRees stock - In my opinion it's the future)!

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Prices now advertised:

Smith and Wesson M&P15-22 £625.00

Colt Umarex .22LR Ops Carbine £595.00

A2 Rifle £525.00 - matching guntrader price.

SIG Still To Be Confirmed

Spike's Tactical AR-15 M4 Upper £650.00

Complete rifle £895.00

Or with Lothar Walther Barrel Upgrade +£100.

NWC is still the only dealer I can find in the UK to be bringing the S&W's and Spikes in. As with the rest of the world, the SIG's will appear when they make them.

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