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New Ruger Mark IV Bill Ruger 100 Year Edition


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I've had my eye on these for a while, but Davidson's was always showing them to be "Allocated". (i.e. hard to get). And Davidson's is the only distributor who exclusively handles this model. A few weeks ago I was having my morning coffee and I saw they were showing they had 10 in stock. I immediately ordered one. Within 10 minutes they were all gone. They sold all 10 they had in stock in less than 10 minutes.

My FFL called me the next day to tell me it had come in. Great service from Davidson's. 27 hours from when I clicked the mouse on, "Accept Offer", to when my FFL rang my phone.

The gun is simply beautiful. Without question the nicest Ruger pistol I own. The finish on both the grips and the knife handle is so smooth, it's as if they were dipped in glass. The satin finish on all of the Stainless Steel is beautifully done. I'm almost going to be afraid to shoot the thing it's so nice! Notice I said almost.

I love the target sights. Nice and clear. The sharp, square front blade fits nicely into the nice square rear notch. I noticed some slight differences on this Limited Edition Model. The rear of the bolt has the Ruger emblem filled in black enamel where it has been laser etched. Much like the emblem on the grips and knife. Also, the takedown button is in matching Stainless Steel, and not black like on the Hunter Models. Bill Ruger's signature is deeply laser etched on one side of the slab sided barrel. And "1916-2016... 100 YEARS" on the other side.

It has just enough bling. But not so much as to look gaudy. The knife is simply beautiful. It alone was worth the added cost over the standard Hunter Model. Mine is #721 Of 1,000, so they're coming to the end of the run. The way these things are selling they'll be all gone in no time. So anyone who wants one had better act quickly. If you do you will not be disappointed.








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The very first run of the William B Ruger Mark IV pistols, including the knife, were allocated to members of the Ruger Collectors Society. I didn't need another knife, so I waited until the Mark IV Competition Target became a regular production item:


When the recall was announced, mine did not go back to Ruger. again, I really didn't need an extra magazine that badly. I did fix the issue myself, along with replacing a couple other features Ruger inflicted on this fine pistol.

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