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Over Winter Project

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During the doldrums of winter in these parts I have a bit more free time for personal project ideas I'd like to get done. A couple of winters ago I decided I really needed to assemble a Ruger 10/22 clone with most of the parts purchased from Tony Kidd at "CoolGuyGuns":



The receiver is from KIDD, along with the barrel. KIDD barrels are guaranteed to shoot ½ groups at 50 yards with the proper .22 rimfire ammunition. The barrel shank to receiver receptacle fit is what's referred to as a "shrink fit". The receiver is warmed up and the barrel is put in the freezer over-night, so then after installation the fit has not slop at all.

The trigger is also a KIDD single stage that measures in ounces. The bolt is also from KIDD, but it deviates quite a bit from the original 10/22 style bolt. The stock is a Boyd's thumbhole and the KIDD action has been bedded with the addition of DEVCON plastic steel putty 10110 for a solid mating. Barrel is free floated completely.


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wrong stock brand
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