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Ruger Mark Pistol Maintenance

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I've been involved by working on, and with, Ruger Mark pistols for 50+ years now. There isn't much that I haven't seen that can go wrong with these pistols, or haven't been able to correct fairly easily. I have extensive notes, kept over the years, as to the ways and means of correcting any issues that, while they are rare, they do befall these fine pistols now and then. 

Some will post that if there's an issue with a Mark pistol, send it back to Ruger. Well that is an option, but they really don't take the time to actually "fix" a specific issue, they just change parts until they feel the pistol meets their current standards. If the issues you are having are brought here, and you are one who likes to do things yourself, solutions can be obtained with a visit here and just asking a question. Many times you will even get a pictorial view that I have on file that will guide you.  

I see many "gimmicks" that have been engineered by some very thoughtful folks who have solutions to problems with the Ruger Mark pistols that really don't exist, if you follow the basic disassembly and reassembly methods as done by the factory. I even have some solutions whereby you can prevent a catastrophe before it causes your language to go south. 

From what I've seen here, so far, is the potential to have the BEST rimfire site that there is, as long as all the actions remain and conversations stay civil and discussion also remains that way we all may just learn something new.. 

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Some people have difficulty with the  process of taking these apart and reassembly. First off you don't need to do this after every shooting session. Doing this way too often is not good for the frame to upper fit. Just remove the grips and blast it with spray carb cleaner. That removes most everything that can cause a problem. No need to go through the entire process all the time. Even if you shoot a lot once a year will be enough. 


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