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  1. Knee deep snow? Yuck!
  2. That's a great-looking rifle. Is this for a competition league? Like steel silhouettes?
  3. Since it's a tap and see method, you'll need to keep zero'ing and tapping until you get it on point.
  4. Madhouse


    Welcome sir.
  5. Mine is completely stock. Are you asking because you have an issue, or just curious whether to get one?
  6. Agreed, seems to me to be a largely inferior line of products.
  7. Hi William, I think you actually have a couple of options here. EGW makes this mount, if you have the Walther slide -- https://www.egwguns.com/vortex-viper-venom-colt-1911-22-rail-gun-walther-slide-22-sight-mount-fits-burris-fastfire-and-docter And MSP has this model -- https://www.mountsplus.com/1911-red-dot-mounts.html
  8. Welcome sir. You'll likely see a few common friends from 308 over here as well.
  9. Man, I'm starting to think the 'rona got everyone. Nah, j/k. But it has been dreadfully slow here.
  10. Madhouse

    I'm Here

    Going real well. I'm at the lake in Maine right now, so life is good.
  11. Check out the walking ice... http://youtu.be/0EyfEDKWscg
  12. Madhouse

    This tall

    I think I qualify! :o
  13. They closed school in GA the other day due to cold. Man, when I was a kid, it took three feet of snow in one shot to get a day off school.
  14. Is your interest peaked by this type of info?
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