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  1. Volquartsen magazine ejector,Volquartsen V-compensator, Simmons Prohunter 2-6x32 scope, Weaver rings, 2 sets of grips, 1/2 checkered rosewood, the other full checkered black plastic. 2 mags, one slightly corrosion spotted, the other magazine and the pistol is flaw-free. It has around 100 rounds thru it, a very nice Ruger $680.00 I will pay standard shipping to your FFL. PM rodent.22
  2. rodent.22

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    nice stuff! I like that flask. :thumb:
  3. rodent.22


    That fellow looks to be having unpure thoughts...... >:D
  4. MG the old prostrates get to be the size of a football....and Mother Nature tries to KILL YOU EVERY DAY when you're over the age of 50. If she can't kill ya she will make you MISERABLE..... :o
  5. here's what happens when one side of your air forks blows....
  6. Hell my bladder will hold 65 gallons, any sort of lite brew. Ebola ain't got a chance with my filtration system operating at full capacity. We won't get into the solid waste category, but any of you could have me as a guest in a national emergency.....
  7. Hell he can ride the bike all winter.... ;D
  8. Glad to hear you are doing well!!!! :beer:
  9. Weeeel, being retired I rolled out at my lesiure, had a nice pancake and sausage breakfast on the deck with the bride. We then drove 50 miles south, had lunch out and drove back home. Piddled with the 1904 Olds and had a couple of cold ones....then a nice nap. I'm exhausted this morning. whew! :beer:
  10. I DID NOT see that coming..... ;D
  11. Being a NATIVE-BORN Texan I do appreciate this one! :grin:
  12. Smurff you hit the jackpot!!! CONGRATS! :beer:
  13. yeah we got 6 inches here also.....
  14. Hell I've pulled bigger than that out of a wrinkle..... :P
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