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  1. Volquartsen magazine ejector,Volquartsen V-compensator, Simmons Prohunter 2-6x32 scope, Weaver rings, 2 sets of grips, 1/2 checkered rosewood, the other full checkered black plastic. 2 mags, one slightly corrosion spotted, the other magazine and the pistol is flaw-free. It has around 100 rounds thru it, a very nice Ruger $680.00 I will pay standard shipping to your FFL. PM rodent.22
  2. rodent.22

    Newest Toy

    nice stuff! I like that flask. :thumb:
  3. rodent.22


    That fellow looks to be having unpure thoughts...... >:D
  4. MG the old prostrates get to be the size of a football....and Mother Nature tries to KILL YOU EVERY DAY when you're over the age of 50. If she can't kill ya she will make you MISERABLE..... :o
  5. here's what happens when one side of your air forks blows....
  6. Hell my bladder will hold 65 gallons, any sort of lite brew. Ebola ain't got a chance with my filtration system operating at full capacity. We won't get into the solid waste category, but any of you could have me as a guest in a national emergency.....
  7. Hell he can ride the bike all winter.... ;D
  8. Glad to hear you are doing well!!!! :beer:
  9. Weeeel, being retired I rolled out at my lesiure, had a nice pancake and sausage breakfast on the deck with the bride. We then drove 50 miles south, had lunch out and drove back home. Piddled with the 1904 Olds and had a couple of cold ones....then a nice nap. I'm exhausted this morning. whew! :beer:
  10. I DID NOT see that coming..... ;D
  11. Being a NATIVE-BORN Texan I do appreciate this one! :grin:
  12. Smurff you hit the jackpot!!! CONGRATS! :beer:
  13. yeah we got 6 inches here also.....
  14. Hell I've pulled bigger than that out of a wrinkle..... :P
  15. I quit watching any of it when Landry left......
  16. As long as the fly by nighters actually get the rag to you by new subscription or renewal you haven't been defrauded, only SCREWED on the price. A reseller can buy any product and resell it at any price a sucker can be found.....Sad but true. Look at cars and ammo, 2 quick examples that come to mind.
  17. If you lost a friend, relative, or are just interested in the heros of the Viet Nam era, look this site over. A friend of mine, baseball playing fool, schoolyard fighter, cigarette sneaker, and all around All American kid is on the Wall. He's still 19, and I'm becoming an old man. There's 58,000 of them on the Wall. God bless them every one, when called they went and gave their all. So did their families. As a vet of that era, I salute them all......virtualwall.org
  18. I got a new bench vise and a gallon paint kit for my Curved Dash Olds build. My best gift was my 2 grandkids in our newly purchased home....seeing them both on Christmas day was very exciting. Before we moved it was always within a week of Christmas, but due to work and travel a visit on the 25th seldom worked out.
  19. Hey! I've got one too, Smurff. I've had it for a good while. A really good safe. Congrats! :beer:
  20. Is that a Ruger emblem on the front? :grin:
  21. sorry guys, I've dropped off the face of the earth. We've sold our home of 20 years and bought a retirement home out in western Virginia. We've been packing and moving till we're about to drop. Anyway TM, I PM'd you before about losing the ejector. This was in a large den with brand-new carpet. I went over it 5 times with a fine toothed comb. I ran the Oreck over it at least 10 times since I realized it was missing, listening for a clink every time. Nothing. Well, what the hell- it must have flew out when I was shooting and I didn't realize it. Well I was emptying the den Thursday and there was the damned thing laying in the middle of the den carpet, pretty as you please..... It's a bitch getting old. Maybe just maybe I'll get it together in a couple of weeks and see if the damned gun will still shoot. Thanks for the good advice from you all....Gary
  22. All right! I for one love NYC. :thumb:
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