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  1. Damn, them's some pretty grips! Grips cost more than the pistol.
  2. Uberti Cattleman 22. 6-shot .22lr adjustable sights Case colors with brass grip frame and one piece grips. It has one tiny spot on the barrel near muzzle, otherwise near perfect. Feels great in the hand. This is my third Uberti 22 single action.
  3. My reaction too, just didn't want to say it. :grin:
  4. GSG's customer service has been unable to help you? Their American importer is American Tactical Imports.
  5. LMAO, I'm gonna order me some shirts too.
  6. Welcome to Tactical 22.net Who makes this magazine?
  7. Who has experience with them?
  8. My Colt/Umarex dust cover only remained latched a few times after I bought it. This was an issue with early production but was rectified later in it's production run. Yours is probably a very early gun. An annoyance, granted, but that's about all.
  9. Welcome from Florida. I've been reading your posts over at 308AR.com.
  10. I used to own one. A great pistol.
  11. I think that's an accurate description. :thumb:
  12. No idea, They describe it as an Asian hardwood.
  13. Microgunner


    It's your turn, get busy.
  14. New grips from Tailand came in for the little Ruger.
  15. Ordered a set of full sized hardwood grips for it. That should correct the proportion issue I have with it.
  16. Thank you everyone. It's been a blast to shoot. ;D
  17. SP101 22lr 6-shot 4" bbl Been thinking about one for quite a while and ran across this deal this morning. $425.
  18. Why not? Looks like fun. I used to own the GSG Kalashnikov .22lr but have since sold it. It was kinds cool.
  19. It will not cycle any auto loaders that I've ever heard of. I've shot a few rats with it from a 4" revolver and the rats just scurried away. I think it needs a rifle length barrel to be of any use.
  20. I doubt it, nearly five year old thread.
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