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  1. Here is a picture of my AR with the Tactical Solutions upper and my Gemtech suppressor attached. Sub 1" groups at 50 yards and quiet!!!! :thumb:
  2. I also give it an A rating. They SUGGEST you have a qualified gunsmith do the fitting, which increases the cost, but the end result is excellent. Extremely accurate. :beer:
  3. I bought a used Ciener Platnimum Cup kit last year and it functions perfectly and is scary accurate. :thumb:
  4. rick983

    GLOCK 34

    In response to Longitude Zero's post. I did not say only the Glock 34 is unsafe, I say all Glock's are unsafe. There is NO safety on them. You pull the trigger and they go BOOM!
  5. Here's another view of my Tactical Solutions AR with the Gemtech suppressor and holographic sight. Very deadly!
  6. I braved the heat this afternoon and took my TacSol suppressed AR to the range for a little fun. This is definitely my favorite rifle now. Quiet, accurate and a blast to shoot. And the neat thing is that within 30 seconds my AR can be put back in the .223 mode. It's always a crowd pleaser.
  7. I have 3 Tactical Solutions barrels on 3 different guns and they all shoot wonderfully. Their stuff is the best! :thumb:
  8. rick983

    GLOCK 34

    I bought one a few years back. It was my first and only Glock. I don't care what the advertising says, there is NO safety on a Glock. You squeeze the trigger and it fires! I also didn't like the extremely LONG trigger pull. I felt like my trigger finger was traveling 3 inches before the gun fired. I know hordes of admirers use them, but to me they're ugly, uncomfortable and just not safe. I would much rather have a S&W M&P or Springfield Armory XD. Just my $.02. ::)
  9. I LOVE my Tactcal Solutions upper. The machining is superb and functioning is perfect. I use a Gemtech suppressor on mine and it's a blast to shoot. Simply the best!! :thumb:
  10. Like I said earlier, $75 + shipping is more than I want to pay for a GSG AK mount. Looks like that's the only option if you want to maount an optic on these 22's. :-[
  11. So the side mount you have shown on your GSG AK is the same one that Cheaper than Dirt sells? They don't mention it fitting the GSG in their product information. I have a regular AK side mount from another firm and it will not fit the GSG AK.
  12. Thanks for the information. I was hoping not to spend $80 on a scope mount. Are there any knock offs that work? Thanks in advance.
  13. I have a side scope mount for AK's and it is too large for my GSG AK. Where can I get the correct mount to fit the GSG base that's on my rifle? ???
  14. My results with my 522 is similar to yours. I have a red dot on mine as my older eyes don't do well with irons any more. My gun seems to prefer the CCI subsonics. I have a Gemtech Outback II suppressor on mine and with the sub sonic ammo, its crazy quiet. So far, mine has digested most brands with no difficulty. I've not shot it for accuracy from a benchrest yet, but just sighting in the red dot, I was getting 1' - 1 1/2" groups with the CCI. :thumb:
  15. I happened to find this site by accident. It appears I'm not the only one afflicted with rimfireitis. I started with a Tactical Solutions AR upper, then the disease spread to include a GSG MP5 clone, GSG AK, S&W Model 15-22 and now a SIG 522. I'm not sure there's any known cure for this affliction! :thumb:
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