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  1. I'd fancied making a mag holster for a while now and originally planned to make one out of Kydex until I realised I could have one printed at a local community funded centre using their 3D printer. Basically the printer creates .25mm think layers of ABS plastic onto a base plate that moves down as each layer is laid. Very cool stuff but it cost quite a bit more than I expected. Still I'd done all the design and 3D modelling so I needed to see it through. I made a quick video to show it off. Hope you like it. Glowin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G99TlBHc5zw
  2. Cheers guys. There will be a few extras that need to be glued onto the Ready Mag type system once it's been printed. Fingers crossed it'll all work out... I might go and remeasure it! :o
  3. I started wanting to make a Kydex mag holster a few weeks back and started buying all the stuff to do it until I found a place in Manchester (UK) that would let me get my grubby little mits on a 3D printer for free. So I started to design a proper holster... at first. But then got thinking about what else I could make that would fit one of my beloved .22's. It ended up being a Ready Mag type system for my CMMG. This will be a real thing within a couple of weeks hopefully. I'll post some pictures of it on the rifle... if it fits! Hopefully I'll get the chance to print the holster too. Cheers Glowin
  4. If this story came from the UK the police would have shot the dad at first site ;D Cheers Glowin
  5. It's converted by a company called Armalon. But that's all I know. http://www.armalon.com/public/products/item/2/
  6. Here's a few photo's I took at the range today. The last one's not a .22 but a 9mm Lee Enfield I had a go on today. Fantastic rifle so I thought I'd share it. Glowin
  7. I went for one of the CMMG's that they supply to the UK in the end. Couldn't afford one of their Raven's. CMMG's cost close to $1500 over here, their Raven is off the scale in terms of price. I'd imaging they are amazing though. Paul at Lantac knows his stuff. When I win the lottery (or sell my children) I'm going to him for one of his custom AR's.
  8. Do I even want to know what a more "affordable" price is?!
  9. I'll try and get some more photo's taken and posted. OMG indeed! It's the reason I didn't go for a CMMG in the first place. There's only a few places I know in the UK that sell black rifles. I guess they can pretty much charge what they want. Obviously in the US shooting's a huge industry. It's not as popular over here which I guess pushes up prices >:(. Some of the custom engineered AR15 rifles sell for a LOT more.
  10. Hi Guys, So it's taken about five months but my new CMMG has finally arrived from the US. Picked it up on Friday and went straight to the range. I have to say I love it. I was a big fan of my Colt M4 Ops but it always bugged me that it wasn't a proper black rifle which is why I sold it and bought this. It was a couple of hundred quid more than the Colt but this is a keeper. I guess it should be considering it cost £900 ($1435)! Next purchase for it has to be a new site, some Evolution long skinned mags and I quite like the Samson Evolution rails but for the moment it'll stay the way it is. The trigger has been tweaked a bit to reduce the pull weight and it is a lovely thing to use. You can really tell the difference between the Colt and the CMMG. So here it is.... Cheers Glowin
  11. If you follow the link on my first post Mr Microgunner you'll see one that's called the Evolution from the place I'm buying it. I know CMMG have about 1000 different types of .22's. It's basically the one with the working bolt hold open and forward assist. I've been toying with the idea a Samson Evolution 11" rail/hand guard too. I already have a CTR stock and MOE grip for it. I'm excited about (.....................................................this much.....................................................) Glowin
  12. Put the deposit down on a CMMG Evolution yesterday ;D but the next batch won't be in the country until January! >:( I'll be on this website daydreaming for the next couple of months! http://www.lannertactical.com/CMMG-AR15-Rifles.html
  13. Some lovely looking rifles (though mine's still the nicest ;D), and great that everyone's look different.
  14. I'm really looking forward to the getting the CMMG. It's as close to a full grown AR I can get over here so I know I'll love it. I'm looking forward to meeting this "Ping Pong Paddle" I've heard so much good stuff about!
  15. So I sold my M4 Ops this weekend. Loved it to bits but really want a CMMG Evolution. And I know that if I buy one the Colt will not get the love and attention it deserves. Even though it's gone though I'll still be hanging around giving you my opinion from across the pond! Cheers Glowin
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