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  1. Don't forget about the mad dog 50rd drums...lots of fun :thumb:
  2. Not quite. I was able to find some 10rders that I have converted to standard capacity mags. Even picked up the blue buttons from raven eyes to match. :thumb: You see other mag companirs ramping up production...but it appears S&W supplier is not one of them. :confused:
  3. Update....Cabelas cancelled my order today. After I called a month ago and told them I would wait. I called them and I was told that they will not be able to fill my order this year.... :confused: I still have them on back order at two other places so we will see....I did manage to pick up a couple of the plinker mags...they work great but without the finger tabs to pull down they are very hard to load.....It takes me 4x as long to load them than it does to empty them... >:(
  4. Longitude I couldn't agree with you more...I usually try to buy from my LGS first, even if it's a couple buck more...I like to support local businesses when I can. I can't find these mags in stock anywhere, nobody has them. For the record I will not purchase any mags at that price. They can keep them.
  5. Has anyone done this?....pretty neat... :thumb:
  6. What's the brand? Depending on the brand it could be worth a little bit....If it's not a promag I am interested in purchasing
  7. Very cool! :thumb: Almost makes wish I didn't put the collapsable on mine...Almost...LOL
  8. This is getting crazy.... http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=323525671 4 mags at this price would be more than the gun >:(
  9. Looks like Cabelas is tapped out too...But they did let me back order and since I won a gift card at work I ordered 4... tentative ship date is 1-25...hopefully they will get here in time Thanks JRod77! :beer:
  10. Should be here late next week. With the impending $hit storm coming figured I better get off the fence and get one...Plus the GSG5 SD needs a range mate. I know it's 08 on roids all over again so where can I get mags??....Ordered some from Midway but they limited me to 2..I would like to have a half dozen more. A drum would be really nice...I know I am late to the party, I went thru a S12 stage that was real hard on the wallet... ;D Also do lead nosed rounds foul as bad in this gun as the GSG5? I have a Gen II model. Thanks :beer:
  11. Thanks for the info! I went thru a 700 rds of everything from rem to CCI no issues. :beer:
  12. Thanks for all suggestion. I thought I would provide an update. I finally gave up and called ATI. They stated that the ejector design had been recalled. Apparently the post design, where the ejector sets on the pegs or posts, has been a problem and I needed the riveted ejector upgrade. They assigned me a number and instructed me to send back. I also asked about replacing the front sight hood. When I bought it used it had a ding in it. They told me to stick a letter in the box of what I wanted replaced and contact info in case they had any questions. I did as I was instructed. They received my shipment on 5/19. I received it back yesterday. Here is the description under Service work preformed on the paper work in addition to the riveted ejector upgrade all completed at no cost. Disassembled, cleaned and inspected all parts, reassembled receiver with new cocking tube housing and hardware. Reassembled trigger group, reassembled breech with a new housing and hardware and tested operation through 44rds. I had sent two mags as suggested in my initial phone call. So far I am impressed. The true test will come this weekend when I go to the farm with a brick of ammo :thumb: I will let ya'll know if I have any problems. :beer:
  13. I am having an issue with my GSG-5. It will eject the shell but as the bolt closes back it catches the spent shell in the bolt, mostly pinching the front of the shell closed, and jamming. I can rotate it 45 degrees to the right side and it will run the whole clip. I tried all the usual suspects, different ammo, different clips, clip positions, cleaning, making sure all screws are properly tightened. Running out of ideas, plus I don't know a lot about these other than they are a blast to shoot. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks :beer:
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