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  1. this forum has inspired me to dig out my 10/22's and whip them back into shape. I think mostly traditional but a new red dot and scope, maybe a few dodads. I forgot how much fun the rugers could be. I'm going to match them against my new s&w m&p 15-22.
  2. which extended magazines do you prefer (25 round and larger) and how much do they cost? thank you.
  3. I'm not sure this is the right forum but here goes. do you store you magazines both rimfire and centerfire, rifle and pistol mags loaded or unloaded? I am talking about long term storage here possibly years. I am thinking about stocking up on mags for all my guns and storing them fully loaded. of course I would eventually use all of them for plinking or practice and then reload them. does storing them fully loaded have any ill effects on the mag springs? thank you.
  4. cheaper than dirt has them for under $20
  5. I received my m&p15-22 yesterday and today I added all the accessories I bought ahead. I am having trouble with my utg red dot sight and my utg 3x magnifier, they are both at different heights. the red dot is lower and it looks like I have to get a raised base to put under it. does anyone know what height base I need? the 3x magnifier is slightly taller than the red dot. also it seems the magnifier is too high to co- witness my buis with. any suggestions or advice? thanks.
  6. where can I find dark earth magazines by s&w for the m&p15-22? I bought some original s&w black mags from cheaper than dirt or $15 each but I can't find the dark earth mags at a reasonable cost. any help?
  7. they are GSG magazines. here is a brief description from the web site......How many rounds does the GSG drum mag hold? A LOT...110 ROUNDS of .22LR.
  8. I see there is a 110 round drum magazine available. does anyone have any experience with these? how well do they work? sounds interesting but would like some feedback first. thank you.
  9. how many different makes of makes magazines are available for the s&w m&p 15-22? which ones work the best? what are the prices and how many rounds do the different makes hold/cost? what do you recommend? thank you.
  10. I am looking for places to buy H&K MP5-22 mags. Hopefully cheaper and possibly aftermarket magazines if possible. Where an I find magazines and at what prices? Thank you.
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