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  1. Gonna try to get out and give it a shot (he he ::) ), even though it's gonna be around 107 degrees. :thumb:
  2. Yep!I've always been real big on the originals after my Dad turned me on to them (he carried one in the Pacific Theater in WWII), and I've owned 5 of the originals, so I was very happy with this little .22. ;D
  3. As you wish. Sorry I did not have enough Military props to make good gun porn. >:D I think I may put some tung oil on the stock to bring out the grain. It's is soooo close to a real milspec M1 carbine that it is not funny.
  4. Got one this week! It's great!! Wish some one would come out with a banana mag (30 rd.) for it. It's totally like handling a real M1 .30. Me and this little rifle are gonna enjoy some fun together!! :beer: :thumb:
  5. Update on the Mosquito: Liking it so much that I have bought a second one in all black. They both love CCI Velocitors. :thumb:
  6. Specifically, I was wondering about CCI Stingers or Velocitors.
  7. What hyper-velocity ammo has served you best in the mosquito? The only ammo I have shot from mine has been the Winchester 333 (which it did not like at all) :o , and CCI MiniMags (which it would eat up all day long). ;D
  8. Second time out with the Mosquito yesterday, and I'm very pleased with it. ;D
  9. My 'Skeeter" performs perfectly with the CCI Mini Mags. I've never tried the Stingers, but think I'll give it a whirl on the next outing.
  10. I missed out on them at Aim Surplus, they are sold out. :P
  11. We went out as ZIRT (Zombie Interception Response Team) to the southern area of the Superstition Mountains yesterday for an interception, and I am pleased to report that thanks to my M&P 15-22, and my Sig Mosquito, we were able to hold the targets off at approximately 25-30 yards. Both weapons performed flawlessly using bulk 550 Federals in the 15-22, and CCI Minimags in the Mosquito. All in all, a very successful mission. ;D :thumb:
  12. Here's a link to a review and some good pics. It just moved to the top of my "wish list". :thumb: :beer: http://www.m1carbinesinc.com/carbine_chiappa.html
  13. After being involved with a couple serious and competitive shooting sports for years, my son, some friends and myself have gotten involved with what we call "Zombie Tactical .22 Shooting" and have formed our own team called the Zombie Interception Resonse Team or "ZIRT" for short. It is really enjoyable to go out and shoot the guns you like and it not cost you an arm and a leg. Not stressing out over the competive part is nice also. I'm currently using my S&W 15-22 MOE and a Sig Mosquito. :thumb: :grin:
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