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  1. Nice! I need to invest in some steel to mix up my shooting. Do you recommend any particular type/thickness for .22LR?
  2. Do you have your own steel targets or are they range provided?
  3. What's the average distance you find yourself shooting your 15-22 - are you geared more towards up close and tactical or are you pushing long range? Since I mainly shoot paper targets I find myself shooting at about 25yds, sometimes even closer. This is because any further out and I can barely tell where I am hitting the paper.
  4. Awesome! What type of paint did you use? What would you do different next time?
  5. It is the speak of the unlucky few who live on the east coast. :vom:
  6. How often do you clean your rifle - after each time you shoot it or after a certain amount of rounds through it?
  7. LoL - I'm not babying it that's for sure! I've made a few basic mods and put a couple thousand rounds through it so far. Now that I have 7 mags for it I am shooting it more. When I first got it, I only had the mag that it came with. I was spending more time loading it than shooting it. Now that is reversed with having so many mags. They are all 15rd'ers I wish they were 25rd'ers!
  8. I picked up my 15-22 about 6 months ago for $425, how much did you pay for yours?
  9. I would love to do this but this is a big NO-NO in the gun friendly state of New Jersey. >:(
  10. Looks awesome! How much do you have invested in your 15-22 thus far?
  11. How long did it take to hit the 10,000 post mark here?
  12. I agree, this looks like a funny little project ;D -Frankie
  13. I've been buying my range gear and BDU's on Amazon, they have better prices and selections than my local Army Navy shops. -Frankie
  14. Awesome link there Techmike, thanks for sharing! -Frankie
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