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.22 Long Rifle
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  1. Time constraints may keep me from doing this, but I'm going to try :thumb:
  2. Ummmm, our governor is Duval Patrick…… I think this is bs, I did not here about it at all, not even through the Mass State Police. Sorry guys.
  3. If Drew can't get it done I can, keep us posted.
  4. Same here Mike, not out west, but lgs had a ton of Varget, grabbed 4lbs @ 26.99 each
  5. This seems to be online only, I just got several bricks from my lgs for $30
  6. Trying to save his own ass! :o
  7. Mine is bone stock, and I love it, about 8-10k down the pipe
  8. Just one, plus one for being in the live free or die state, Mass laws suck! >:(
  9. welcome to the site from Mass, you are correct in where to purchase, class3 dealer. Generally pick one out, buy it, fill out the forms, and wait. Once approved by the atf, you can then bring it home. It may take up to or longer than 6 months.
  10. :thumb: I'd like to add this to his suggestion: :thumb:
  11. :thumb: Here for you buddy, anything you need!
  12. Spending Easter with my new sons, daughter, and wife. Happy Easter guys!
  13. On ar15 stock parts there is a difference between mil-spec and commercial sizes...
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