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  1. The rifle wont go into safe unless cocked (like a 5.56 rifle). You can also store the rifle with the bolt out (leave the charging handle in).
  2. Just bought my SR22 yesterday from a local gun store. $309.00 out the door.
  3. I bought a 1/8" roll pin and drilled a hole in the lower part of the stock close to the reciever so yo can't see it from the side like the factory stock.
  4. I have only shot it with the original iron sights (off a little). I need to take it to a shooting range to adjust the red dot and flip up sights. As far as reliability, I had one FTE in about 300 rds. I'm using the Federal 525 pack from Walmart. I recently bought 200 rds. of CCI mini-mags. Haven't shot them yet.
  5. Updated with red dot, fore grip and sights
  6. Waiting on some flip-up sights. Still need to order a red dot and vert fore grip.
  7. Magpul Mil-spec MOE stock, XT rail panels, ladder style rail panels, Tango down pistol grip (all going on my M&P 15-22)
  8. Waiting for them to ship. I bought a Tango Down grip, Magpul XT rail covers, ladder rail covers and a MOE (mil-spec) stock. I'll post pics once it's assembled. Now I just need a stubby foregrip and a red-dot of some sort.
  9. The one I saw for $15 was a screw together rod style. I've read online that it's better to clean a firearm from chamber to muzzle. Any truth in that? I decided on the Otis tactical cleaning system. It has brushes for most calibers, patches and a tube of Otis ultra bore. It was $50 and comes in a very small case, perfect for tossing in the gun bag before heading to the range.
  10. I bought eveything I needed for my rifle this week (case and extra mags). I'm still undecided on which cleaning kit to buy. Should I get one made just for the 15-22 or one that does other firearms? I only have the 15-22 as of now. I may be looking into getting a Glock 26 to carry. I saw a cleaning kit at Dick's for like $15.
  11. Bought mine yesterday. On sale, 399.99 + tax.
  12. HAVOC

    hello from CT

    Just came home from the LGS with my S&W M&P 15-22. I didn't see the MP5-22 in stock and didn't ask. When I head up there again (to get mags) I'll ask.
  13. Why did the makers of these rifle include a button to help load them? I saw a video where the person is loading rounds without the button. It would be nice if the mags looked like their 5.56 counterpart. Is there a Magpul LULA that works with this mag?
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