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  1. My favorite (well one of them at least) is my FN .40 s&w with the SFS. Very difficult to beat at Hi-Power
  2. Is that the standard magpul moe, or the pts. Somewhere I read that the pts is wider. Any truth to that? I hate the stock one, more so because of the warning on it. I suppose I could simply paint it, but I put enhanced trigger guards on all of my AR's.
  3. Thanks for the pictures. The stock looks great. The grip on the 416 is nice, but it just doesn't fit my hand right. I have larger hands, so that's why I was thinking about making the change.
  4. My house is loaded with guns. I've had the passion since I was knee high to a grasshopper. My first rifle was a Browning .22lr lever action (wish I still had it). I remember my Dad trusting me to buy a Walther PP when I was 13 years old. Back in the '80's I bought an H&K Carbine. I wish I could remember the model, I will later, but what a work of true art with a walnut stock that was just simply perfect Now even though I have dozens of firearms, I can't understand why I love to shoot, handle, fondle, just grab the 'ole H&K 416. I can see why some go to the S&W, even though made mostly of plastic, you can interchange regular AR parts. There's not much we 416 owners can do to enhance or modify our toys, so here's the question; How about some pictures and ideas of those who have jazzed up their rifles.
  5. I haven't been able to find another one since I bought mine and the ones on Gunbroker break the record of insanity. I love being asked to pay more for a .22lr than a Bushmaster. Has anyone seen any lately? My first came from Dunhams sports.
  6. I just added a Colt to my collection of (way too expensive - wife's opinion) and although it comes from the same Walther fatory, my dust cover is not nearly as tight as the H&K 416. Bottom line, it does not stay closed, or opens too easy. Whay?
  7. I believe you will find the sweet spot on the adjustment screw to handle the subs. I know the price you paid gives me pause to ever complain about how high the prices are here. All the same, it's a great rifle, in my humble opinion of course.
  8. FANTASTIC JOB! That is a beautiful Ruger. Do you feel like telling the story of what you did? Furniture, add-on's and finish?
  9. By the way, I have sent letters to all of the members of my legislative branch indicating my thoughts and wishes. I have recieved the typical automatic response crap letter from everyone of them.
  10. I do hope you are right. What bothers me the most is our Presidents persistence when he decides to move on an issue. I have even seen polls from Fox news that indicate 56% of the public think a ban on assault weapons is a good idea, and over 75% believe in removing high cap mags, i.e 30 rd AR15. He is also a President that is teflon coated. If you simply look at Fast~n~Furious as an example, a deliberate propaganda action resulting in the death of a US boarder guard, nothing and I mean nothing has touched him. Sure it was on the news, but where is the outrage? The way he forced the healthcare bill down our throats is reason that I feel he simply will not let it go away. He has nothing to lose being a 2nd term President. If there is one more incident, either made up or real, he will take this and run to the field goal. I pray that there are enough people who will stand up against this with more energy than the healthcare bill, but I believe it's the youth that hold the cards. Too many have lost their grasp on knowledge, what are rights truly are and absorbed with iphones and other electronic garbage distracting them from politics. I feel they simply follow what the propaganda machine tells them to think. I cannot state this with any authority, but less kids are being brought up with firearms in their lives. Much different when I was a kid with less distractions. I could be wrong, and I pray that I am, but I do know from people in education that they are being moved to the left way of thinking. Again, I hope for all our sakes that you are right and me wrong.
  11. I was thinking about a Magpul grip but do the holes line up? Is the tube mil-spec or commercial? Anyone have any pictures if they have made the change?+ So far besides buying extra magazines (expensive), rail covers, and a set of GG&G front and rear sights, not to mention the Eagle Case, this rifle is going to be as expensive as a regular .223 AR15
  12. It seems that the Obama gang is not letting up on the attack to rid America of Assault weapons. What I personally believe is that high cap mags are an almost absolute. Witness this from our friends at Cheaper Than Dirt.....http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/product/MAG-074 I have a chance of picking up 2 more Bushmaster AR15's for around $800 each. I have already spent 50% of my retirement on Rifles, Magazines and Ammo since this thing has started. Even though I already have a Sig M400 and a Bushmaster (dressed out with about $450 of accessories). What does the gang here feel is coming? Ban on Guns - Ban on Mags - Massive Tax on Ammo? Would like to hear some of your thoughts.
  13. Well, I did the deed and picked up a Colt. Besides the finish color being different, they are very close to the same. The other difference I noticed was the dust cover is a bit lose compared to the H&K, and of course the furniture. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but I'm sure it will be just as fantastic as the H&K. It cost me $499.99 (I mean 500 bucks). Kind of nice that the magazines are the same. Boy do we love our toys.
  14. A small little side note; If these liberal wacko's get their way, then for someone like me who may want to sell or trade a long arm to a friend, we wouldn't be able to do so unless we went to a gun store/FFL and go through a cumbersome paperwork PITA and of course, a nice little around $40 fee to transfer. Around here, things like this happen all the time, just visit the MGO's forum. Think about a National Government Data base that tracks and knows down to every single round of ammo I hold. We are witnessing the Second & Forth Ammendment being flushed down the toilet. What liberty will we have left?
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