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  1. I sent mine back to S&W about a month ago and just got it back this past weekend. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but S&W did replace the ejector. Hopefully that was the issue and the next time i go out shooting it will fire without fail :thumb:
  2. i bought one of the plinker tactical 35 rds mags at my LGS, but i returned it shortly after. it was a pain to load and didnt properly load the bullets into the gun very often.
  3. nice! you're very lucky to find them from everything i have read. i had ordered some 30 rd mags from promag and just last week they put on their website that those will not be shipping until further notice, so who knows if ill ever get them.
  4. I was finally able to get my m&p 15-22 MOE out shooting over the Easter weekend. While it was a blast to shoot, i dont think i got through one magazine without having a missfire or failure of the cartridge to fully clear the gun. I was using both federal ammo and stinger ammo. With the federal ammo, i had more misfires and a lot of the bolt action pinching the catridge before it could fully clear. This occured with both the s&w magazine and the plinker tactical magazine. And man, i dont know if it was my gun, but the plinker tactical magazine i had was horrible. it failed to properly feed a lot, cause the top of the bullet to get shaved off a number of times in one magazine. i will be returning it and waiting for my promag magazines to see if they work better. Anyone else have similar issues with your gun? any suggestions or should i just take it back and have them fix it? i was really bummed this happened, because when it worked, it was a lot of fun to shoot! it is amazing how quickly you can go through the 25 rounds if the magazine was working properly. went through a brick of ammo pretty quickly shooting up some skunk beer and 22lr targets.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I barrel shrouds are pretty cool, i'll have to pick one up, thanks for the link. last week i returned my standard m&p 15-22 because my local gunshop got an MOE version in and it was only $10 more. Well worth the extra ten dollars! Once i deck my m&p out, ill post an image for all ya'll to look at. And any other ideas or thoughts are appreicated
  6. sorry for the stupid question, but what would you use these for? I am trying to learn as much as i can about my new rifle so i am not an ignorant gun owner.
  7. I just picked up my SW M&P 15-22, pretty excited about it! I have a lot of questions, as this is my first tactical rifle and i am new to the rifle scene in general (i only own a shotgun and mosin negant). First, what is this talk of MOE, what does that mean? I didnt get that version of the gun, I am just wondering what the differences are. Second, what companies and where online is the best place to get upgrades for this rifle? and where should i start? I plan on using this for fun, target shooting with my friends and wife. but i want my rifle to look bada$$! :thumb: I bought a magpul vertical grip, only because i got it greatly discounted. I am thinking of upgrading to get a scope, maybe another forward handrest, maybe a flashlight with red dot, would like a barrel sleave or something, but i dont know what im looking for when it comes to going to online websites and seeing a bunch of stuff for ARs. Am i safe to assume that if it's for an AR, it isnt for my m&p? and i read the discussion on changing up the trigger, is that really something i should look in to? I did notice the conversation about making sure i clean it before i use it, thanks all for the good suggestion. Has anyone recently ordered mags from ProMag, are they shipping? I see i can add them to my cart and go through the process of purchasing them, just didnt know if anyone has recently done so and not received them. Thanks for any help/suggestions you guys can give. Can't wait till the weather warms up to give my gun its first go!
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