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  1. Sorry to hear it. Thanks for letting us know.
  2. What did you use to spray the finish?
  3. I had some leftover OD green cerakote from the respray of my rem 870, so I decided to use some of it on my GSG1911. I decided to just spray the frame and beavertail safety. The gun was originally kinda dark park grey with black slide and wood grips. I'm thinking of finding some black grips or maybe black/OD green laminated ones. Once again I couldn't leave well enough alone. ;D
  4. Well, as usual, I couldn't leave things alone and decided to change up the rem 870. I removed the Black aces quad rail and installed the UAG saddle scope mount from amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00I0IAHAC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 But then I figured what the hell lets try Cerakote. So i Cerakoted it OD green. Next added the Sightmark red dot. Love how it turned out.
  5. Sad to hear. Gonna return or replace? :-[
  6. Good stuff :thumb: Lookin forward to pics
  7. http://sfglobe.com/?id=1220&src=share_fb_new_1220
  8. So far there is 1 local pawnshop in my area that has consistently had 22lr in stock over the last couple months but their prices are still too high for me. They have 500 rd bricks of Aguila for $69.95. For those prices I dont need to buy any more ammo until I start running low.
  9. Turned out to be an expensive set of rings. Many of my shopping trips turn out the same way. I went out looking for 22lr ammo a couple weeks ago and ended up with a new glock 19 and dpms ar15 as well as the ammo for both (didnt buy any of the 22lr ammo I went in for in the 1st place)
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