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  1. Thanks for the reply. I am calling (incorrectly) the part at the rear of the receiver held by a screw and you take off to remove the bolt the bolt stop. Yes I understand the NFA problems one can have with a malfunctioning firearm and so I want to make sure I understand what was happening. I can't get my head wrapped around why that part getting just a little loose would allow this to happen?
  2. I can't be more happy with my 522 and really surprised by it's accuracy. I had the problem with it doubling and tripling every so often and found the answer here. The bolt stop was loose and tightening it solved the problem, I put a liberal amount of blue loctite on the bolt so I don't expect that to ever be a problem again. I am a gunsmith and it bugs me if I can't figure out what causes something to go wrong and I'm stumped as to why a loose bolt stop will cause these guns to double. I'm probably looking over something simple but I'm anxious to hear opinions on why this happens. I'm sure someone has got this figured out. I did a cheap and dirty fix on the flimsy scope rail by filling the hollows underneath with JB Weld putting a single layer of wax paper between the mount and the receiver bolting it down and letting it set up. I protected the bolts by coating them with Johnson's Paste Wax. It seems to be much more rigid, time will tell.
  3. I haven't taken mine apart yet but I'm wondering why not just remove the lower tang?
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