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  1. Kili I'm curious as to how you have utilized the firing pin block actuator plate in such a way as to make your gsg522 fire at a much faster rate 

  2. Kilibreaux


    I've SEEN Nancy Pelosi naked...she's actually pretty well built! Sure, her HEAD is hurtin', but from the neck down...WOW!
  3. Shoulda been a white turkey...
  4. George Bush had eight YEARS to get Bin Laden... George Bush SENIOR is family friends with the Bin Laden family...which is WHY the Bin Laden family was allowed to take a flight out of the United States on the vening of September 11th, 2001. Obama "promised" that if elected he would set in motion a concerted effort to find and bring Osama Bin Laden to justice. Obama FULFILLED that promise just a few years into his presidency....he sent special operations forces into a foreign country (as he had promised) to shoot Bin Laden in the head. George Bush did NOTHING to bring Bin Laden to justice, because to have done so would have upset his close friends the Bin Laden family...so for EIGHT YEARS Osama Bind Laden was FREE TO ROAM! So now, WHO is the real patriot and WHO is the real traitor? Bush's administration KNEW where Bin Laden was...but he never felt any compulsion to make the call to go get his long-term family friend. Obama PROMISED BEFORE the election he would mobilize resources to find Bin Laden and when found, REGARDLESS of where found, he would take action to get him...Obama FULFILLED HIS PROMISE! This if FACT...so WHO is the traitor and WHO is the Patriot? Anyone who refuses to acknowledge the Bush family's involvement in ALLOWING an international terrorist to roam at will is only proving they are on the side of Al-Quaida.
  5. "Let me hammer your stuff before you blow your flipping brains out!"?
  6. The apparent forward travel of the GSG trigger is due to the firing pin disconnection plate on the left side. IF you have removed the firing pin lock located in the bolt proper, you don't "need" this "pre-travel" which is why you can modifiy the trigger group to essentially locate the trigger further back as its "starting" location...which of course means the overall trigger travel is reduced. You will WANT a certain amount of "slack" in the system but if you'be done the hammer strut mod, and the trigger travel mod you should end up with a VERY "short throw" trigger that feels super crisp.
  7. I think the SR-22 pistol is a GREAT choice as long as one understands they'll need to order a complete replacement barrel for it if they want to mount a suppressor. The basic platform is sound and will provide eons of reliable service. While the all steel Mk II and III models SEEM to be more surdy, when it comes to the job of launching bullets I highly doubt the all steel will last any longer. Despite opinions if one uses a Mk II all steel Ruger .22 to smash someone's head in, the potential to deform the thin-walled receiver is HUGE which takes the gun out of action....
  8. The only downside to the Ruger SR22 pistol is they DEMAND you purchase an aftermarket barrel to achieve a threaded barrel. The Walther P22 on the other hand, comes READY to accept an adapter that allows it to accept 1/2x28 suppressor or faux suppressor appliances. Also, the Ruger has known issues with the takedown slide piece becoming fractured due to recoil...which the aftermarket addresses with a metal replacement, but no such issues have to date been identified as indigenous to the Walther P22 platform. Basically if you want a threaded barrel for your SR22 pistol you will need to buy it...the Walther comes with it...even in Kalifornia it only takes a pair of vice grips to remove the loc-tited barrel nut. The P22 is also smaller...though the Ruger has a thicker chamber...oh hell, just get BOTH!!!!!!
  9. AND the helluvit is you don't really gain anything for the whole "polymer" transition! I don't think Ruger's polymer revolvers are quite ready for prime time.
  10. MY recommendation - for what it's worth, is to leave it in pistol configuration with a small "tension strap" added so you can "mount" the gun like a rifle and push forward against tension to gain stabilization for shooting. Basically leave it alone as a pistol and learn to use sling tension as a sort of improvised stock. This costs you NOTHING....and IF the SEHTF you can mount a full size, fixed stock with your PK front end and be ready to go....though a PK front end DEMANDS you also have a suppressor solution sitting on the shelf somewhere.
  11. The GSG makes use of a rather LONG arm to which the sear is mounted. When you pull the trigger, this arm retracts, and upon disconnect is snapped downward...but the arm itself has considerable "mass" for its length and is therefore succeptable to "bouncing" out of engagement during recoild....especially as the gun heats up. What I have done is to add a spring to the sear arm return spring and carefully reshape the sear and hammer notch to induce the mating parts to remain engaged. Due to manufacturing tolerances, MOST GSG's will not experience doubles and triples. SOME GSG's will experience doubles and triplles, and some GSG's will NEVER double and triple. The SEAR should be CAREFULLY honed to create s slight undercut...and the hammer should be CAREFULLY hone to match so that shen the sear and hammer are engaged they have a very slight angle that acts to force them DEEPER INTO CONTACT...which, combined with normal spring pressure, mean doubling and tripling becomes a thing of the past.
  12. 4,000 rounds is a LOT of bullets down he tube! The GSG is built like a tank...despite early release opinions that it would not "hold up" it has in fact proven to be a VERY sturdy bullet launching platform...I mean, if you suddenly needed to use it to beat someone to death, perhaps you could damage it beyond function, but this is true of a great many bullet-launching devices. IF on the other hand you use it to launch .22LR bullets...it will last forever.
  13. The GSG is a VERY strongly built weapon! Consider that aside from it's "ZAMAK" outer shell, it has an inner bolt housing, then steel bolt...it's WAY overbuilt for the caliber! If you decide to eliminate all the "safety" features GSG built in, the GSG becomes a VERY sweet-shooting carbine...and yes it IS heavy because it's built out of heavy material...probably a zinc-aluminum alloy, but don't let anyone delude you into thinking that is an inferior construction. The GSG is a VERY strong weapon and will hold up to quite a few tens of thousands of rounds...and more. I personally like the 9" barrel version with retractable stock (SBR'd). Shove in a 110 round drum and you have a very destructive device at your disposal...which, if you happen to have stockpiled your .22LR BEFORE prices went through the roof, means you can "afford" to deliver an atmospheric saturation of lead slugs when face with a body of miscreants advancing on your house.
  14. If you don't live in Kalifornia the right answer is to smash the noise-making box with a tomahawk and tell the kid it's time she opened her rubberband bracelet making Christmas present and learned to do something with her hands! Oh wait...my daughter already told me she had no intention of opening the bracelet maker, and being in Kalifornia I have no power to induce her to do so. Well, I guess the only answer is to turn off the lights, TV, heat, and jump in the car and LEAVE and hope when you return CPS has already come and gone and taken the children to a better life.
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