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  1. :beer:thats cool ! When I started this post they were hard to find .
  2. my drum doesnt feed well at all ! the bolt pushes the round into the feed ramps and crushes the bullet .
  3. :popcorn: ok i dont understand what you typed ? what does it do ?
  4. :o they closed school here in Va because of the cold .......I swear the new gen is a bunch of pu$$&$
  5. now thats a christmas story! :beer:
  6. EAGLE EYE GUNS has some 5.7 for .74cent a rd ! the ar57 is cool you can hollow out a AR mag and use it as a shell catcher ;) it will hold 25 or so empty shells . having 50 rds on top is badass & mags are only 25.99 @ brownells . :thumb:
  7. :confused: ! I think the reason is because of the shortage of ammo. I mean seriously I just bought 1000rds of 7.62x39 for my AK at 25cent a round last week. With the avg 22lr round costing $0.35 cents now a days the love has fallen off for most people . I mean I cant lie I am now looking for an AK74 only because its cheep to shoot and ammo is easy to find . I still love my gsg and believe me it gets more attention then any other of my toys at the range :thumb:
  8. :thumb: hell yeah that's whats up
  9. :thumb: i still love it! after the sights ,stock , and trigger mod it even fits next to one of its brothers just nice
  10. here are some for sale http://rrages.com/buffer/index.htm
  11. i just got a twin pack of 22rd mags from element arms.com for $50 ! he said they got alot more so give them a call : 763-262-3055 If you go to the webpage they dont list any gsg parts but they got some parts and the best price i have seen on mags that are not on back order :beer:
  12. i dont know how others might feel about the factory stock. but mine cracked in 3 places the first time i cleaned the gsg ! I know i wasnt over tightening the screw because the male side of the screw in a screw could still be turned with my finger nail . if you like the looks of the factory stock id go with a real HK stock . http://rrages.com/stocks/set.htm has them and and other goodies for your gsg :thumb:
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