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  1. Just like to put in a good word for Outdoor Limited. Bought some Winchester M22, American Eagle, & CCI 22s. Fast Shipping, Great customer service, & all there inventory is live so if it says in stock, they have it.
  2. Thanks RustyNut. Magpul makes some great stuff. Price is reasonable for this stock.
  3. Just put a Magpul fixed stock on the 15-22. Pretty easy to do. I put the stock fully on, Put a dab of white acrylic paint on the crossbar bolt as a marking template and placed it in the stock hole. If you do this let it dry a while or you will get a smear of paint on the tube when you take the stock off. Dimple the center of your paint spot as a pilot and drill through with a 1/16 drill then work your way up ti 1/4 inch until you get a nice semi circle cut out. Finish up with a 1/4 inch rat tail file to make sure the crossbar bolt connects to the attaching nut. Stock is now rock solid on the rifle. Found the stock a tad bit short but Magpul is sending me a butt plate enhancement which should lengthen it more. If you want one for your 15-22 make sure to get the military spec stock and not the commercial one. Got mine in black from Midway for about $30.00
  4. Just made this Downfall video on youtube. I do not know how to post a link to it here. Go to youtube and type in 22 caliber dilemma. :beer:
  5. S-10

    Hi From CT.

    Hi, Even though I have 2 S&W M&P 15-22s I like all the tactical 22s out there. I have worked in Private Security for over 20 years and have had my concealed carry permit for 40 years now in this state. Happy to be here.
  6. Thank you. Nothing special really but its great that you can put so many add ons to this great little rifle.
  7. Photo of the 15-22. The Magpul rail covers will be in this week.
  8. Received the Colt handle and it fits good on my 15-22. Pretty nice even though Colt has these made in Taiwan.
  9. I see someone is selling Plinker 10 round mags now on Ebay. Nothing on this on the Plinker site, just the 35 round ones. Since I am in a BS restricted state I would like to know how well those 10 rounders work or hold up.
  10. Bought the Colt one from Midway. Half the price of one offered on Ebay. Midways been great to do business with.
  11. Thinking about getting a carry handle for mine. I see that prices are all over the place for these. Prices run from $23.00 on Ebay to up to $100.00 for the Colt ones. I dont mind spending the money for one that is well made and works well as opposed to getting a cheap airsoft one. Let me know what you think.
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