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CMMG - Ciener Compatible Magazines

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I have a whole stack of them in my gun case.  I had issues where I'd get 20 rounds in it then the 21st round would cause spring bind and you could pour out the rounds out of the magazine. The issue I found with it was two fold. First, the magazine was bolted together to tight. I loosened the screws and tightened them evenly. Secondly, hand loading the mags is an exercise in patience. You have to make sure that the rounds are stacking properly. You can use a Cristie's loader and fix this. I came up with another method of loading 10 rounds, thumping it on the counter, load ten, thump it on the counter until the magazine is full. The thumping method keeps the rounds stacked right. It takes a few cycles of the magazines to get them to hold the full amount of rounds. You may also have to grind 2 little tabs on the back of the magazine down to have it fit properly in the magwell for your gun. All of mine had to be ground down to fit right.

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