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    This new crushed me. Ernie was a guy who went way above and beyond for friends. He was one of the first people online in the shooting community to "adopt" me. (He and FS2KSTD ) Ernie was my biggest enabler. In fact he once held a few signed blank checks of mine in the safe. That way I can buy guns of interest that came in the shop. Eventually he just gave me credit. It kills me that I got so busy with personal bullshit and sight stuff that we went a while without talking. Sure wish I got one more laugh with him. My favorite story. Ernie: "Drew when did you start running ads for an escort service?" Me: "Ernie those ads are based on your internet browsing history" Ernie: "Damn Chuck using my computer again" To this day Im convinced My Browning High Power came from Ernies private collection and did not just happen to come in the shop when I was looking for a pristine Belgium High Power
  2. ive heard of this but not seen it personally
  3. Absolutely!!! I have winter tires
  4. imschur

    My Health

    Like everything else we enjoy this is another expensive sport if you dive in deep. I should add Im very close with my local dealer. He too is enabler like a nice guy who works at a pawn shop in FL.
  5. imschur


    Awesome....I really need to replace this software soon
  6. The Tundra will be my winter vehicle. We have to do that here LOL
  7. imschur

    14 Months

    No guitars, a few lenses and a camera body though. Honestly though a lot, nearly all of my spending money has gone to helping someone near and dear to me.
  8. Forums typically die in march-april and july-august
  9. imschur

    My Health

    I ride so much I bought a second bike so others could come with me. I got tired of their department store bike breaking on the trail. The green bike is my primary
  10. Frame recall....been in a loaner car since memorial day while my dealer awaits the new frame
  11. imschur

    My Health

    On the road bike obviously I stay on the road but we have a lot of singletrack here for mountain biking. Tough terrain but fun. Im fortunate enough to live a few minutes from a state forest
  12. imschur

    My Health

    Not sure if you guys remember but labor day 2012 I had a life changing pain in my guts. I was diagnosed with Diverticulosis. Doc said if I eat right and exercise I might be able to avoid the knife. Well I was over 250 pounds at the time, just a few weeks ago I weighed in at 195. Not dieting just 2 years of eating right and exercising. There has also been a side problem that is under control. Since i was about 19 Ive been plagued with cramps and frequent trips to the can. It has been so bad all my life I dreaded going anywhere. Well I was also diagnosed with Gerd. The treatment for Gerd has not had any effect on the Gerd but it has stopped the bathroom issue. If you combine the eating right and excercising with not being toilet bound I feel the best I have felt since my mid teens. Im going out regularly I mountain bike about 10 miles almost every night. I ride my road bike and mountain bike on weekends to totally blast my body. I love it.
  13. Here's my baby in her final form. My last black rifle as long as I live in CT
  14. imschur

    14 Months

    Since I purchased a new firearm. The joys of living in CT.
  15. I just bought a counter top oven for baking cerakote on small parts.
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